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  1. Well I fixed it. It turns out that there is apparently some confilct between the latest version of Synergy, and macroexpress. I've used both side by side for years without any problems, but since I built my newest computer, I also updated my version of synergy. Without it running in the background, all of my macros now work fine. Just thought I would post this up in case any one else has a similar issue.
  2. I downloaded and tried that macro, and it doesn't work either. The first part of the macro, the part that checks to see if thunderbird is open and makes it the active window works, but the text typing does not, and after the macro runs, my keyboard acts like the alt key is stuck down. I also changed to a usb keyboard when I changed computers, could that have anything to do with it?
  3. Yep, I even tried increasing them to really high levels. Even with several seconds worth of delays, it still doesn't work. I even tried making a macro that opens notepad, and types only one letter. Even with a delay of 5 seconds between opening notepad (it opens almost instanly) and the typed letter, it's still not passing the keys. Other parts of the macro that don't involve typing seem to work fine, it's just anything that's typed is not being passed.
  4. I don't think this is the problem. I get this issue with macros that have the proper delays. These all worked fine under windows xp.
  5. I recently upgraded computers and went to windows 7, and now my macros don't seem to be passing text type. I have one macro that I use constatnly to send e-mail from thunder bird. It activates the window, and presses alt m then n to start a new message, but now it only activates the window, waits the alloted time then ends. Once it ends, my computer acts like the alt key is stuck down, even if I exit macro express. Any one have any ideas?
  6. doh, just re-read it and missed something. Plz ignore me
  7. Yep it gets a lot of jokes. My boss has a love hate relationship with the program. It's very quirky, but he doesn't want to change because he knows how to use it. When it won't work for him, he fusses at the computer loudly. Whenever any one hears him doing it and asks what's wrong with him, I tell them he's PMSing I tried using activate window instead of restore, and it didn't help. I also re-tried running the dos program in windows mode, and I was wrong. Macro express will capture key presses more than just the first time if pms is windowed, the only problem is that my alt ctrl p
  8. I tried resetting the keyboard hooks, but that didn't seem to help. Here's the code for the macro <TEXTTYPE:<ALT><RCTRL><PRTSCR>><CLIPST2:0:C:\PRINT.TXT><DELAY:1><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE<PARAM>/p c:\print.txt3><WRES:pms><DOHOOK> Here's what it does. We have an old dos program called Preventative Maintenance System or PMS for short. While it's ancient, it still works very well in tracking our truck maintenance. One of the print functions of the program is to press shift printscreen, and that causes the
  9. We run a legacy program every occasionally where I work and I use macro express to emulate a print screen function that no longer works under windows XP. The script I wrote works great! The first time it's ran... The printing action requires the dos program to lose focus. Once it regains focus, macro express no longer catches any keyboard shortcuts and won't activate any macros. Any one have any suggestions?
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