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  1. Thanks terrypin, For what I wanted to so with it, I've in the mean time found a program called AutoCopy which will do the trick to copy content to HD automatically. I was looking for this because I wanted to copy, and recode some of the 600+ VCD's/SVCD's I made in the past, for use with a mediaplayer on my network. For the sake of wanting to know, I've been looking more deeply in the problem too, and I think it has something to do with the type of DVD there's in my computer, a DVD-RAM. It opens an empty window, even when there's no CD/DVD in it. Your tip though might just wor
  2. I'm just a stubbern xp user that just moved there from 2000 for practical reasons. -Isn't that a simple setting called "Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key". At least it is in 2000 and xp!!
  3. Dear All, I searched te forums, but do not seem to be able to find anything on this matter. I want to recognise if a DVD/CD is inserted in an optical drive, and depending perform certain actions. I thought to do this by checking if a drive/folder/file exists on the supposed inserted DVD/CD. In case there's no optical disc inserted though an exception error c0000013 occurs which can't be handled using the catch error method. -How do you people deal with checking if a DVD/CD is inserted in the optical drive, or at least recognise if so? Thanks for any hints and tips provided.
  4. @Samrae, Thanks for your reply, and I understand your point. I could use the same arguments though for the manner in which I wanted to use it. Additionally, you have the clear variable command to clear a variable, even only part of it, thus why would you clear with the split command. There's probably merits for both explanations. The above macro code is only a sample of the processing part for lines read from a subtitle file to be analysed. After processing the actual information is indeed stored in named variables. Due to this problem though, I needed to create addit
  5. Dear All, I can't find anything in the help files, or on the forum regarding this, could someone maybe comment. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug/feature of the program. I'm using the T array to temporarily store items from time codes in a subtitle file to be analysed. With e.g string containing ":" to split upon, and containing 3 parts after splitting. When I start to add that information in position 1 of the T array, it should occupy 1 to 3 in the T array. -Nothing more, right!!?? In case the array contains other values in 4 and onwards, I found that those will be erased?
  6. Solved it by creating and executing a batch file in the "On error/Catch error" part when creating/deleting/renaming/copying/moving files and folders with cases where the % character is causing problems. Thanks for the idea Cory. Best regards,
  7. Thanks Cory, I was afraid of this already, and am now looking into creating a DOS batch file to rename/restore folder/file names again. I hadn't given it a serious go, because from the several thousands of folders/files, it's only about 319 that need this treatment. To much to do it manually though. It's a good idea though to use that in the catch error part, thanks for that. I hadn't thought about that to be honest, as I try in general to be ahead of problems, not to react to them. It often makes things overly complicated for me, but I learn from that. I'll give that a go as well
  8. Dear All, Percent characters are used as variable identifiers within macro express. I'm experiencing problems in creating/deleting/renaming/copying/moving files and folders containing multiple % characters somewhere in their path/name. I've found 2 relevant threads, but the techniques used in there don't work when creating/deleting/renaming/copying/moving files and folders, because variables are evaluated in these commands. Therefore if I come across a path, a path with a filename, or a filename, containing more ten 1 % character, a "Variable Not Set or Incorrect Variable Type" error occur
  9. Just in case anyone runs into similar issues in future. This thing has been bugging me for some time now, returning depending upon what I wanted, but never solved completely. There was no way I could find to solve it using MEP itself, thus I've resorted to what is so far a full proof solution. It needs an external tool though unfortunately. The only time I see this is when using the Repeat with Folder Folders Only command, to date I've not had similar problems using Repeat with Folder Files Only. It's definetely MEP causing the problems, see screenshot taken "MEP_RepeatFolderHogg
  10. I've been trying different things to sort out the problem I'm having, and it seems that repeat folder is indeed hogging the folder to be moved. -I'm just wondering, when others try this on their computer, will they see the same problem, or is it just my hardware/software combination causing this? -Just as information, my MEP version is This macro code works: <COMMENT Value="============================================="/> <COMMENT Value="d:\temp\copy of temp4\folder\anotherfolder\video_ts"/> <COMMENT Value="THIS WORKS"/> <COMMENT Value="Prompt for folde
  11. @rberq That might work, I've done similar with renaming large numbers of files because MEP was so slow with that. Thanks for the idea, I'll have a good look at that. @Cory I know MEP is locking the folder because only after exiting (Terminating Macro Express Editor & Player) MEP will I have full control over it again. I disabled the check for the 3 file types to try see if those commands were locking the folder, which they didn't. The only other think left was the repeat with folder command. And since using hard paths would not be a problem, see 1st 2 code lines, my conclus
  12. Dear All, I'm searching for some help on moving folders. I'm re-organising the DVD's/Authored Projects on my server, and need to move their VIDEO_TS folders, and project files to another folder structure. The problem is for me to have a few thousand folders with project files and authored DVD's in them. If I do it manually, I'd be left with rsi and a lot of time wasted. Using MEP I thought it to be pretty easy, and also found a good thread on moving folders. http://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/topic/3655-move-files-folder/?hl=%2Bmove+%2Bfolder I'm running into problems though trying the 1s
  13. Well, you gave me an idea with this one. If it's true, for MEProx64.exe to only be a 64bit proxy, it would have no influence on the functionality of the program. At least in my simple logic. I removed the version for, and replaced it with the same from, and hey presto, all seems hunkydory again. Checked some of the functionality, and the new preset option for folder prompting, and it seems to work. Lets see how far this goes. I've also reported it to ISS, but on their bug report form they already state they'll never reply back unless they need something, so
  14. Thanks both Joe and Cory for your replies. I know I'm longwinded as in general I try to provide as much information as is possible, but I thought that above quote was clear enough with regard to the problem itself? This error shows itself everytime I start Macro Express Pro, at least when having installed. Hope that you, or someone else, has some idea/clue where this is coming from. -Might it be the 64 bit version of XP not being compatible with the 64bit code of Macro Express Pro? -Might it be that Macro Express Pro is not recognised as 64bit application by
  15. It's been a long time since posting here, as for most problems I've encountered in the past years I was able to find the solution or workaround myself. Although I must admit that the information contained in this forum has been a treasure trove. At the moment though I've got another one which has to do with the application itself I think. I tried searching the forum, and internet, but can't find any clues which lead to a solution. The onyl thing I found was something completely different regarding the slow down bug possibly related to "MEProx64.exe". At current my OS is XP64bit, and have
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