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  1. That's exactly what I have done. Thanks Cory 😊
  2. Thanks acantor and rberq for your help 😍
  3. So far I have used MEPro on my old desktop (win. 7) computer. Now I have a new desktop (win. 10) computer. Can I simply move macex.mex file fron old computer to the new one? (Of course I'm aware that many macros would need to be changed.) Any help would be much appreciated 😊 Oded.
  4. Thank you Cory for your answer. Much appreciated I'll contact support. Oded.
  5. I'm using MEP with Windows 7. Lately MEP suddenly stops working, giving me an error (please see attached file.) MEP is always active in my system tray, but when the error occurs no macro is running. All this started about two weeks ago. I've been using MEP for years and never had this problem. Can someone help please? Thanks, Oded. mep.pdf
  6. You are right Cory. My mistake I have looked at Documents library and didn't notice there were 2 locations included: My Documents and Public Documents. Thanks for your quick answer
  7. My Documents folder contains 2 Insight Software folders. One of them has only one sub-folder named Macro Express which has 2 (empty) subfolders: Crashes and Remap Layouts. The other contains macex.mex file, 9 backup files, and a Macro Express subfolder with one (empty) Macro Logs subfolder. Is this OK? Why the need of 2 Insight Software folders?
  8. Whenever a tab is added I check it's header and if it's the one I don't need I simply click Ctrl + W Works flawlessly
  9. Thank you Cory and rberq for your help. Much appreciated Oded.
  10. Thank you! But I need to close a specific tab (based on it's header) (btw, in IE it's Ctrl + W too )
  11. Using IE or Chrome I have several open tabs and want MEP to close one of them How can this be done?
  12. I use google chrome. Works flawlessly for me now Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  13. Is there a way launching a web site using a browser which is not the default browser and not Internet Explorer?
  14. Thank you Alan for your help. Much appreciated Oded.
  15. I want to activate a macro when any window (regardless of it's title) in any program opens. What should I put under "Activations?"
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