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  1. Must have missed it ( maybe it went to spam or something ).... Resend it if you can. I did get this working again kinda... I completely uninstalled and this time when I re-installed I clicked the install file and choose "run as an administrator". Working ok so far but now everytime I run it I get that annoying box asking if I am sure I want to run it... not a huge deal as I normally leave it running mostly.
  2. In 3.7d it's called "All users use same settings"... or something close to that. Anyway i went to preferences and it took forever to bring up the preferences screen but I finally got to that one and unchecked it to try it, hit apply and then it crashed and now it won't restart. I now get this error when restarting: "Exception ERegistryException in module MacExp.exe at 0002bdb6. Failed to set data for 'Category Width'.
  3. I see what you are saying but I don't believe this is the case unless an update changed something because it was working just fine for over a month. Also all other programs continue to work just fine even ones that access the registry. I called Insight and the person I spoke to said he had never heard of this, he took my number and was going to have a more experienced programmer get back to me but no one did and I suspect probably won't. I also emailed them and heard nothing yet either. Any other ideas anyone?
  4. I figured i'd try the compatibility feature on windows 7 and if I set it to run in compatibility mode with windows xp sp2 it runs just fine.... don't know if that will help anyone help me figure this out or not...
  5. I had an older version of macro express, not sure which one, I think it was 3.3 or something, bought it in 2004... Anyway had it installed on my laptop with windows 7 and it had been working great until today... I tried to start it and it said something about can't write to a registry key and closed. So I thought ok maybe windows 7 updated something and this version was too old or something so I go download 3.7d since my license should upgrade to that I hope... and it's doing something similar and will NOT start, here's the exact error I get from it when trying to start it:
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