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  1. Seems simple enough, but can't figure it out. Want macro portion to repeat. For 10 minutes. Repeat Until... 10 minutes passes. End Repeat. Note that I am not asking MEP to sit around doing nothing for 10 minutes, waiting, and then whatever. I am asking MEP to run a macro, however many times, up until 10 minutes goes by. Then move on to whatever's next. After that 10 minutes of macro running. So, MEP, keep an eye on the clock. Do the macro portion. Lots and lots of times, if possible. For 10 minutes. Macro portion a bunch of times. Yeah. Good. So easy, huh. Who here knows the answer? Please?? Thanks, Nicholas Kormanik
  2. Really good explanation, Cory. Greatly appreciate that. So, one follow-up question I have is: Can VB.NET do most of what Macro Express Pro can do? In other words, if I start learning VB.NET will I decide to simply do things in VB.NET, as opposed to creating a new MEP macro to attempt to do it? Where does one draw the line? Use MEP to do it. Use VB.NET to do it? Or some other.....
  3. Cory, what programming language do you recommend as a next step up from Macro Express? I'm not a programmer, and would like to start learning.
  4. Not sure how much use a macro would be not doing mouse and keyboard things. Yes, ME installed on all computers.
  5. It's curious, though. Macro Express seems to follow the mouse, whichever computer the mouse is on, regardless of which computer the macro originated from initially.
  6. I use two computers: A and B One keyboard and mouse, by way of MouseWithoutBorders. Wonderfully controls both computers. If through Windows Task Scheduler I have a macro to execute on Computer A, but I am currently over working on Computer B, the macro seems to operate on Computer B, and not A as desired. Is there a way to confine the macro to Computer A, and not switch over to Computer B, even though I am working on Computer B, through MouseWithoutBorders? In other words, STAY ON COMPUTER A!!! Any thoughts appreciated. Nicholas Kormanik
  7. Is there a way to check a window title for a particular string? example: Repeat Until --> Find a particular string in a window title. Thanks! Nicholas Kormanik
  8. You guys are super. Thanks! I'll try and work with it.
  9. Suppose we have a scheduled macro. Scheduled to end in 5 minutes. Is there a way to put the countdown into a text box? i.e., 5:00 4:59 4:58 ... 0:01 Gotta be. Thanks! Nicholas Kormanik
  10. Good code. Thanks! But the desperately needed info is how to get TIME PASSED into a variable. 30 seconds. Or time counts up to 30 seconds. In a variable. So far, can't find it. Seems Macro Express Pro left it out. Go figure.
  11. Some actual code, please. Sounds basic, until one tries to do it.
  12. I see lots of options for repeating a loop within a macro. But not a way to do it for a specific amount of time. Suppose we want to repeat a loop for 30 seconds. Then stop that loop, and continue onto the next part of the macro. Can we do this? How? Thanks much! Nicholas Kormanik
  13. Related question (maybe I should start another thread?): I want the entire process, whatever it's doing, to terminate after 5 minutes. What's the best way to accomplish this? Thanks!
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