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  1. I have a windows VPS running ME3 - I have a macro designed to run once per day. At the moment it's not working.. If I trigger the macro and watch it it works, but if I close my connection to the VPS it doesn't work. Even though the VPS is still working/running. When i launch the remote connection to it again I can see Macro express still sitting there exactly how I left it. I even tested this with a repeat and delay. I set up a repeat and a 200 second delay - I ran the 1st time i triggered it as I was watching it.. but when I closed the connection and waited for the results nothing happened .. I opened remote connect to VPS again and the same thing.. The macro said it was still running ( black man icon in tray ) .. but didn't trigger and didn't work. I can check the if the macro worked by checking a shared Google Sheets page - if it worked there will be some data visible. So i don't have to launch the remote desktop to see if it works. So is there a reason why it's not working on VPS ?
  2. I've many large files over 20000 lines each In each file there is about 5000 names i need to copy out - names could be different lengths etc. All the names start with @ So I could tell ME3 to look for that - but I don't know how to tell it to only copy the name and then repeat.
  3. cool thanks guys.. didn't know there was a print screen command.. i even looked for it !! thanks i'll start building.
  4. At the title says, can you take screen shots and save them ? Trying to build a QA type of macro for webpages.
  5. ah i see. I didn't know that. Thanks I'll give that a go.
  6. I've moved away from this idea. I had 2 more vaiables being set in the URL which where not working I had 2 prompts at the start to enter start and end dates T1 and T2 then it would go to a spreadsheet and copy the main URL something like http://mainurl.com/date=%T1%-%T2% and anytime it pasted this into the browser is would just paste T1 and T2 and not the actual dates. In the end I just set Excel to change the dates based on a cell value and copied the whole URL into the browser and that worked.
  7. I'm trying to store a URL in %T15% for example and use "Web Site: %T15% [Default Browser] to launch that URL. but it's not working. Is this possible ?
  8. How do I know what to trim if I can't see it ?
  9. I have a macro that collects data from google analytics. There are about 10 different bits of data and I wanted to open a spread sheet at the end and paste is all. Which it does do.. However the data is not all in a line. the macro must copy space / line breaks etc from Google analytics that I can't see. So what I want is my data to be %T1%<tab>%T2%<tab>%T3%<tab> etc and when excel opens and it's typed out it's all in a line side by site. what is happening is it appears on many times so T1 will be 1st then t2 will be on the second line and t3 beside it.. then t456 will be on the next line etc. Is there a way to remove all line breaks / hidden spaces before it gets to the text type part ?
  10. cool.. didn't know excel had this.. this will work. thanks.
  11. I'm building a macro to gather data for a report and place it into a template in excel. Getting the data is fine, but is it possible to have the macro find a cell in excel to paste bits of copied data ? I know how to get it to open excel etc and I could probably find the right location by building the macro to tab / arrow into certain cells in excel.. but if it could find sell C4 with ease then it would be a quicker / easier time for me. Any tips welcomed thanks.
  12. I figured it out.. it's just AC or ACD no space and using the = condition.
  13. I'm building a macro where you have a multiple choice at the start. You can select A B C D E and based on what you pick you get different text option copied into notepad. People can select 1 letter if they want. but most people will be selecting many i.e. A and C or A and C and D etc. I'e set up the "If" variable to control what is disabled based on the pick. So if A is select show this. But what i can't figure out is if someone select A and C how do i tell the macro to show something based on that. I've attached a screen shot. in the Value area what do I put in there if people select more then 1 option ? I've tried A C A,C A+C A and C nothing is working so far. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  14. Can ME 3 select an pixel color ? Or can is find a pixel color and then I could issue a mouse click command.
  15. Also if I don't need T1 and T2 thing.. So can i tell my macro to type what I want.. when i want it ? The ideal thing would be something like this. Random name made. stored in T1 and T2 - ( I use these names to test sign up on our sites ) I have the macro programed to follow a set of steps.. and one of those steps is entering a username -- ( should is what the randomer makes )- -- and then at the end it would store these data in an excel sheet and then clear clipboard and start over.. and repeat. So I think i need it to store into in T1 and T2
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