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  1. Sorry Sys Ad. I've attached the new dialer.zip. Thanks for catching that. All: Please review and see if there is a shortcut? Warmest regards, ~Keith Dialer.zip
  2. Hello all, I'm a Tech Recruiter and ME has saved my work day. I've automated everything in my workflow process and could not be more thankful for this product. Currently I'm looking for a better Macro that will dial #'s for me using the "new call" feature in outlook. NOTE: My phone is linked to outlook and outlook dials via modem. My current macro (attached) copies a person's phone number to a variable, activates outlook, brings the New Call dialog up, inserts the variable (the number) and dials the # Is there something that I can do from within ME that will pull up a New Call dialog without having to activate Outlook in order to activate the New Call dialog? It would be great because, as it stands now, everytime I want to make a call I have to navigate away from whatever page I'm currently looking at. Any help, as always, is very much appreciated. Dialer.zip
  3. Hi ya'll... First and foremost... Macro Express ROCKS! I've never experienced a more user friendly Tool, Support Staff, or User Community. Awesome Just wanted to post a fun question: What is the coolest thing you've ever done with ME? And please don't be humble about it. Let it all hang out Cheers, ~Keith
  4. The Throbber suggestion worked like a charm!! I changed the throbber so that it was blue when IE was inactive and red when loading. Had to fudge with the graphic and SmBrandBitmap Reg entry quite a bit. Couldn't ever get the bitstrip to take up all of the space available for the graphic. Wound up using 22 X 22 X 264 for the BitStrip. I really don't care about the look of it...just want to know EXACTLY when IE stops loading the page so my macro can continue unabated. Then I wrote the Macro (aptly dubbed "wait for web page"..cheeky eh?) below: You'll notice that I have it set up to check the pixel color every .5 seconds and that I have it repeat for up to 30 possible cycles. This gives my pages up to 15 seconds to load. I have a T1 so if the page takes longer than that I just skip that step in the macro and move on to the next. Now I run this macro instead of using the "timed delay" command whenever I want to load a new page. Works like a charm. Thanks for all the great advice. Thanks to this I have cut 3 minutes off of a 9 minute routine. Huge timesaver and it's fullproof. Cheers! ~Keith
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