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  1. Sorry Sys Ad. I've attached the new dialer.zip. Thanks for catching that. All: Please review and see if there is a shortcut? Warmest regards, ~Keith Dialer.zip
  2. Hello all, I'm a Tech Recruiter and ME has saved my work day. I've automated everything in my workflow process and could not be more thankful for this product. Currently I'm looking for a better Macro that will dial #'s for me using the "new call" feature in outlook. NOTE: My phone is linked to outlook and outlook dials via modem. My current macro (attached) copies a person's phone number to a variable, activates outlook, brings the New Call dialog up, inserts the variable (the number) and dials the # Is there something that I can do from within ME that will pull up a New
  3. Hi ya'll... First and foremost... Macro Express ROCKS! I've never experienced a more user friendly Tool, Support Staff, or User Community. Awesome Just wanted to post a fun question: What is the coolest thing you've ever done with ME? And please don't be humble about it. Let it all hang out Cheers, ~Keith
  4. The Throbber suggestion worked like a charm!! I changed the throbber so that it was blue when IE was inactive and red when loading. Had to fudge with the graphic and SmBrandBitmap Reg entry quite a bit. Couldn't ever get the bitstrip to take up all of the space available for the graphic. Wound up using 22 X 22 X 264 for the BitStrip. I really don't care about the look of it...just want to know EXACTLY when IE stops loading the page so my macro can continue unabated. Then I wrote the Macro (aptly dubbed "wait for web page"..cheeky eh?) below: You'll notice that I have it se
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