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  1. I am getting this message when I install the update. I click ignore. Update installs okay. I do not have ME running when update is installing.
  2. Frequently, Windows 10 bumps Macro Express Pro from its Keyboard control. I have the auto re enable keyboard hooks box checked. I have a hourly macro that resets keyboard hooks. Still hooks are not reset. Only way is to terminate ME and re start it. Is there a way I can check to see if ME has working hooks to keyboard and mouse in Windows 10 and restart ME if it does not have hooks?
  3. here it is! The copy command drops the ".pdf" after the variable, so I get a file with out an extenssion. a workaround was to have Adobe Acrobat open the file and then save it again. This gets me the pdf extension on the file. send scan mcl.mex
  4. I am still having the problem that when the file is copied to the new location it looses the ".pdf" so it ends up in the Scans directory as an unknown file type. When I manually add the .pdf it works. But I don't understand why I loose the ".pdf" when I copy form one location to another location. Here is the syntax again. Copy File/Files: "C:\McL\Scanned Documents\mclscan.pdf" to "C:\McL\Business\Medikel\Scans\%T[1]%.pdf". %T[1]% is set to "scan Primacy Name Transfer Authorization" so the name of the file ought to be "scan Primacy Name Transfer Authorization.pdf" but I am missing the ".pdf" Is this a bug in the program?
  5. I am trying to set up the text box display but the stay on screen option has 0 seconds in it and it is greyed out so I cannot change it. I can't make out what the variables are as it flashes up for a millisecond an then is gone. A workaround is that I set the text box to stay focused and on top and I put a basic timing pause after the text box command. How do I get the stay on screen option working?
  6. I am trying to copy a file from C:\McL\Scanned Documents\mclscan.pdf to C:\McL\Admin\Scans\%T[1]%.pdf where T1 is the name of a scanned document. When I do the copy, the end result is C:\McL\Admin\Scans\%T[1]% without the .pdf". Is this a bug in the Macro Express software or have I set up the variable syntax wrong. Also, what is the difference between T1 and T[1] I have used both interchangeably but this may be a problem.
  7. I need to be able to terminate a malfunctioning process and restart it. To do this the malfunctioning process needs to be seen by Macro Express Pro. However, it is not listed in the Running Processes list. The process exists and is active when I look at Windows Task Manager. A work around is to create a batch file with the PSKill.exe program set to kill the process. However, I wonder why Macro Express cannot see certain processes so as to terminate them. I am running Windows 7 64.
  8. Okay, I am having this problem as well. I seek to terminate a running process. I am using just the process name (not the image path). I can clearly see the process in my task manager. However, when I run the macro it gives me an error message "The process is not running". But I can that it is running. How do I enable Macro express to kill this process?
  9. I want to launch a macro every morning that opens the screen resolution page under Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution. Then I want it to "detect" the screen resolution. Then close the page. The macro opens the screen resolution window. It waits until the window is fully displayed. Then I send these simulated key strokes. Alt d to highlight the address Tab Tab to move the focus to the detect button Alt c to hit the detect button. Then wait for it to do a detect. Then alt f4 to close the window. However, the macro breaks down when I start sending keystrokes to the window. When I actually do keystrokes it works fine. However, when ME Pro sends the window keystrokes something different happens or nothing happens at all. Any settings I need to set up in ME or Windows 7 that will help this to happen? Here is my macro <MOVE MOUSE TO TRAY ICON Icon="UltraMon" Exact="TRUE" Center="TRUE"/> <MOUSE LEFT DOUBLE CLICK/> <WAIT FOR WINDOW TITLE Title="Screen Resolution" Partial="TRUE" Wildcards="FALSE" Indefinite="FALSE" Hours="0" Minutes="0" Seconds="10"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="10"/> <WINDOW ACTIVATE Title="Screen Resolution" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x0006"/> <GET CONTROL Flags="1" Program_Name="EXPLORER.EXE" Class="CabinetWClass" Title="Screen Resolution" Control="\"WorkerW\",\"2\",\"ReBarWindow32\",\"1\",\"Address Band Root\",\"3\",\"msctls_progress32\",\"1\",\"Breadcrumb Parent\",\"1\",\"ToolbarWindow32\",\"1\"" Variable="%C1%" Caption="Screen Resolution" Partial="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE"/> <MOUSE CLICK ON CONTROL Clicks="\x01" Control="%C1%" Button="\x00" Center="TRUE"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="1" Text="<TAB><TAB>"/> <DELAY Flags="\x02" Time="500"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="1" Text="<ALTD>c<ALTU>"/>
  10. Hi Kevin! Still toubleshooting the Activate Windows command. I have ME installed on a local workstation. Citrix is working in the background. However, when I choose a Window title to activate and I click on the ... (may be partial) I can see a list of visible and hidden windows. I can see the window I am looking for in this list. If Citrix were working the way you indicate below, would I be able to see those windows in that list or not? IF I can see them, why would it be difficult to activate them? Is there a setting or a delay I need to introduce to make it more likely I can activate the window I am looking for?
  11. I think the problem is with Citrix and the fact that ME is on the local Workstation. Citrix works in the background, but it may not be telling the local workstation what windows it has in what priority. The mouse idea is the work around I am using right now. Thanks for your help!
  12. I am using ME3 in this situation. I tried using the Set Window Order but to no avail. I am opening a patient chart from a calendar window showing a list of appointments. The patient chart window is obviously on top of the calendar window. However, if I look at the windows taskbar I notice the calendar window button highlighted as if it is still on top. But the Patient Chart window is on top. However, the title bar for the Patient Chart window is grey not blue indicating that it is NOT active even though it is on top of the Calendar window. Keystrokes get sent to the Calendar window instead of the Patient Chart window. Can you tell me what is going on and if there is anything I can do as a workaround?
  13. Looks like it is not activating for other reasons. We are using Internet Explorer to login to a Citrix Desktop. Once on the desktop we launch a EMR program called Practice Manager. There seems to be a tug between Macro Express and Practice Manager. I use a macro to open a patient chart and reposition the window on the desktop. However, at the end of this re position, that window suddenly looses focus. When I go to activate it using the macro. It activates and then again looses focus before I can send it the key strokes. When I use a Wait Unitl Window command for Key strokes to initialize, the practice manager window opens but does not activate such that the "wait until window" command triggers. It tells me it can't find the window I am looking for even though it is there. Problem is it is not activated. Can you point me to some recommendations as to how to empower ME to get control of the windows it needs to complete the macros? I tried using the get control utility but it never seems to see the window such that it can get control. Help?
  14. I am activating a window title that is quite long (80 characters). There are an unique set of letters common to the windows titles that start at the 76 character mark. When Macro Express examines a window title, up to how much of the title does it examine? I am looking to trigger the macro based on a partial window title that is three letters long and exsts in the window title at approximately the 76 character mark. Is this possible? It seems to work sometimes and not work other times.
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