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  1. Hope Jeff won't mind me hijacking his thread, but it is kind of relevant ..what programming language is Macro Express under the hood? Is that a daft question. I wouldn't be surprised...!!
  2. It was just a simple typing error !! The registry value was missing a backslash \ Doooh However that program is a gem.. potentially very useful.. Thanks Cory!!
  3. Hi again.. I can't understand what's happening here. I'm using ME Pro Portable. A selection of my macros write to the registry. On one PC with which I do most of my work, everything works fine. I created all the necessary registry keys on another PC in order to be able to work on that PC. However I'm seeing a lot of errors Eg. Line 7: Debug error: Could not access the specified registry value. With one macro, by elimination, I determined that this error would happen when there was no value set in the registry key. I wrote values to all the keys referenced in that macro and it now works fi
  4. Thanks Samrae (and Cory for the guidance) I have the whole thing working now. The mistake I made was saving the .csv as UTF-8. The other option got rid of the squiggle... Thank you !!!
  5. I have had a go at this using my two columns of data saved as a .csv. I am seemingly getting the correct pairs of values (giving me hope!) apart from at the very first iteration I'm getting this odd symbol ... 0 I placed a text box between Ascii file begin process and ascii file end process %T[1]% %T[2]% %T[3]% %T[4]% %T[5]% %T[6]% %T[7]% %T[8]% On running it I'm seeing 0 1 -1 0 0 1 -1 1 They are all the correct values for the start of the series. I guess I just need to trim that first value back to a 0 assuming the garbl
  6. Thank you very much Cory. Here is the file... two columns ready.xlsm
  7. Hi again! I have been experimenting with VBA in Excel. I have succeeded in creating two columns of values ( representing mouse coordinates) which I have stored in an array variable. What is the best method of getting that variable over to ME Pro? I assume registry write is an option. Will the format of the array be compatible? Excel is very good at doing what I'm trying to achieve (relative position of pixels) but I always fear that solutions that would be obvious to an experienced programmer would be lost on me! Thanks...
  8. Text File End Process Variable Save: Save All Variables Mouse Move: 705, 641 Relative to Screen Mouse Left Button Down Variable Set Integer %REPCOUNTER[1]% to 750 Repeat Start (Repeat %REPCOUNTER[1]% times) Mouse Move: %XCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]%, %YCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]% Relative to Screen Delay: 0.1 seconds End Repeat Mouse Left Button Up Text Box Display: My mouse coordinates are now recording successfully. In the above code I'm seeing variable is the wrong type error on this line: Mouse Move: %XCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]%, %YCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]% Relative to Sc
  9. Hi again. Thanks Cory and rberq for your leads .. in the end I gave up on length of string in favour of sampling the first character. This macro does work very well, but the use of "If variable %LOOP[1]%" in lines 23-27 seems rather inelegant. Is there a more efficient way of passing these values to a predefined array? STRIP VALUES_2.mex MouseRecorderPro2.txt
  10. Hi again. Of course I am learning all the time (as I'm sure we all are) but in my case evidently I'm a lot lower down the snakes and ladders board. I do have a working macro now, with some issues. I have used the length of the string to eliminate lines that do not contain x or y. I'll take a look at the split function suggested by Cory later when I get back from work.
  11. I have made some progress .. 1) How do I "pass" the values to an integer array variable 2) How can i get it to ignore the lines that start with a 5 3) What if the length of the number is only 3 digits (this will happen)? Thanks!! STRIP VALUES.mex
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