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  1. yes i already have another file open [macex.mex] but it doesn't help. and i've already tried closing the file in the categories list. this was not a problem in my older version it is a new problem since upgrading to
  2. I just upgraded from Macro Express Pro to And I now noticed that "samples.mex" is always showing up in my categories every time Macro Express Pro restarts. I've tried preventing this by closing the file, and also deleting the file, but it doesn't help. It keeps showing up again in my categories every time Macro Express Pro restarts. I'm quite annoyed because I don't use "samples.mex" so I don't want it as an extra item in my categories. How can I prevent "samples.mex" from always showing up in my categories? [bug report submitted]
  3. Please add an option to play a sound when a running macro is aborted by hotkey. Also do the same for when paused by hotkey.
  4. How about add the ability to set scope based on "window class"? Such as in this screenshot example from the StrokeIt mouse gesture program. This is more useful in some situations. It is also necessary for some processes that don't have a window title. Additionally, an .exe can have different window classes, so using window class can provide greater specificity.
  5. Please add a command to "suspend monitor" [aka sleep / standby].
  6. There is a bug for "Wait for Window Title" in which the checkbox for "The title contains wildcards" doesn't automatically gray out after choosing "Exact Match" from the drop down. To reproduce the bug... - Use the "Wait for Window Title" command. - Click the "Browse" button to "Select Window". - Select a window then choose "Exact Match" from the drop down. In this case, the checkbox for "The title contains wildcards" will properly automatically gray out. - But now click "OK" to return to the previous window. And you will notice the checkbox is no longer grayed out. Unless you manually toggle "Exact Match" again from the drop down.
  7. Please add support for game controllers as macro buttons [joysticks / gamepads]. This has many productivity benefits. For example, I would love to use the "Thrustmaster T-16000M" ambidextrous joystick for macros in my left hand, while my right hand is using a mouse. A setup like this frees up the keyboard for other things, while providing dedicated quick-access macro buttons. http://www.amazon.com/Hercules-2960706-Thrustmaster-T-16000M-Flight/dp/B001S0RTU0
  8. thanks for the tips. it would still be great if macro express can add the function, so our macros can have less steps and be more efficient.
  9. For "Mouse Move to Tray Icon", please add ability to move mouse to the "Show hidden icons" tray button for Windows 7 and up [see screenshot].
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