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  1. how to find the length of a text string? I mean typical Len$() type command, for example: length of "for"=3, "example"=7 etc I have searched forum now here and there without results Is there a command or series of commands for this?
  2. *PIL* pilfer (_________), v. Also 6 pelfer, pylfer. [app. a. OF. or AF. pelfre-r to pillage, rob (11th c. in Godef.): see pelf v.; but (from its late appearance) perh. an Eng. formation on pelfer, pilfer n.] 1. trans. To plunder, steal; spec. (in later use), to steal in small quantities, to filch, peculate. 1550 Bale Eng. Votaries ii. 28 He taught hym how to recouer agayne the possessyons and landes pelfered awaye by the kynges from hys archebyshopryck. 1577 J. Northbrooke Dicing (1843) 135 If during the time of their play, any thing be pilfered or stollen out of his house, hee shall haue no lawe at all for it. 1633 G. Herbert Temple, Submission iii, Pilfring what I once did give. 1756 Mitchell in Ellis Orig. Lett. Ser. ii. IV. 376 Happening to meet a waggon..he thought there might be something to pilfer. 1836­9 Dickens Sk. Boz, Black Veil, Old palings..mended with stakes pilfered from the neighbouring hedges. fig. 1625 Bacon Ess., Greatness of Kingd. (Arb.) 473 The Commanders..wisht him, to set vpon them by Night; But hee answered, He would not pilfer the Victory. 1784 Cowper Task i. 131 And not a year but pilfers as he goes Some youthful grace that age would gladly keep. 1807­8 W. Irving Salmag. xix. (1860) 441 Old time..is a knave who..From the fairest of beauties will pilfer their youth. b. To plunder or rob (a person or place). rare. 1838 Prescott Ferd. & Is. (1846) I. vii. 314 The Egyptians, whom it was a merit to deceive and pilfer. 1888 Bryce Amer. Commw. II. lxvii. 520 In some States the treasury was pilfered. 2. intr. or absol. To pillage, plunder; spec. (in later use), to commit petty theft. a1548 Hall Chron., Hen. VIII 204 b, And when the Turkes saw the Cristen men styll pylfer (as the vsage of Souldiers is) they issued out of their holde. a1618 Raleigh Rem. (1664) 90 As many of your Lordships as have pilfered from the Crown. 1726­31 Tindal Rapin’s Hist. Eng. xvii. (1743) II. 121 An Englishman being taken pilfering raised a quarrel. 1879 H. Spencer Data of Ethics xv. §102. 264 A servant who..pilfers, may have to suffer pain from being discharged. Hence 'pilfered, 'pilfering ppl. adjs.; also 'pilferingly adv. 1599 Shakes. Hen. V, i. ii. 142 To defend Our in-land from the pilfering Borderers. 1611 Cotgr., Subreptivement, pilferingly, by stealth, by false meanes. 1821 Clare Vill. Minstr. I. 73 Mistaking me for pilfering boy. 1878 B. Taylor Deukalion i. v, My pilfered strength shall of itself return.
  3. I have modified the original Neustaeter's macro so that now it is possible to grab the word either with mouse or with keyboard. The line, which led me astray by using the untrimmed text from clipboard instead of the trimmed text from variable, is an inactivated line 30 in attached macro, and the "right" way is at line 32. The macro contains explanations (remarks). Webster_Online_either_via_mouse_or_keyboard.mxe
  4. AHAA!!! - THERE the rascal was hiding! - Thanks!
  5. Thanks! This helps in many situations. Can you say which command saves the unknown active window's title to variable? - I thought it is easy to find, but after half an hour I now gave up. Do I have to know the name of window beforehand?
  6. It is really annoying when almost all window manipulation commands (activate, hide, close etc) do not allow "Exact Window Title Only". The situations, where allowing partial window names is a real nuisance, are not so very infrequent. Makers of Macro Express: is there some good workaround, or can we expect to see this "Exact Window Title Only'-option in later versions of ME?
  7. Lance Neustaeter revised "Define Word" macro http://www.macros.com/usermacs/umdefineword.htm trims the variable with "Variable Modify String - Trim" which does not help because the later command "Clipboard Paste" uses the untrimmed variable residing in clipboard, not in ME's own variable (I suppose...??). Replacing Clipboard Paste with "Text Type %variable%" pastes the right, trimmed variable.
  8. Using this macro I have learned English a lot with very little effort. My dictionary is Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. It is applicable to many other dictionaries, I think. It works in any program like Internet browsers and Word, Notepad etc, where a double click with left mouse button chooses a whole word. Let your mouse hover over the desired word and launch the program (I launch it with alt-q). It copies the word under cursor to clipboard and pastes it to RHUD. rhud.mxe
  9. T2 seems to be defined in line "Text File Begin Process: "email2.txt" Click the line open, so you see it.
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