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  1. Hi, tried to delete following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express\LRC The result was that ME reversed into trial mode, that was expired. So in other words, I could remove my ME license from the computer without un-install. regards lars
  2. Hi kevin, as already mentioned in my first post, the "Change" option doesn't work. ME returns an error :-( The reason? 2 weeks ago I started working on-site by a customer, using one of their computers. So for now i'm using ME as trial, however in few weeks that would end. I looked after some license-terms and what I could find, was in menu: Help - License information When ME trial are ended i consider that authorising ME on that computer, wouldn't violate ME license-terms, since that would be like transportation of 1 (one) ME license. I can clearly only be in one place at a time. My
  3. Hi, is it possible to remove my MEX license, without uninstalling ME 3.5e ? In menu: Help - License information, there is an option for change, however, if I try to remove my license info, ME returns an error. My hope was that ME would stop working, like after expired trial period. In registry, I found following key that maybe is the one? However I didn't dare to try to delete it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express\LRC If it is possible, it would be nice to know :-)
  4. Hi I purchased ME 3.4b back in october 2003. I hope that developement of ME have priority in your business, since i'm one of your very happy ME users :-) Since more than 3 years already have gone since 3.4b release, I guess that the next version will add alot of great new stuff??? Best regards Lars
  5. Hi, I know the problem. I send an email to Insight Software long time ago about to restore the "delete file" command from 3.4b. See also thread: File Deletion Problem http://pgmacros.com/community/index.php?showtopic=1144 regards Lars
  6. Hi, I posted a similar wish to Insight Software, some month ago. In ME 3.4b the software simply ignored "Access Denied" continuing with the next file, so files that could be deleted was deleted. From ME 3.5 that was unfortunately changed, so today I let ME call a *.bat file instead for doing deletion jobs. Another thing that I miss in ME'd delete function is the capability or option to bypass recycle bin, like with "shift-delete" in explorer, which would speed up the process a lot Best regards Lars
  7. The particular CAD (Computer Aided Design) software do have an UNIX based userinterface, but the software is ported to Windows, so in that way it isn't based on an OS command prompt nor using Microsoft Foundation Classes for userinterface. Another thing, I tried to do a little test with the old dos version of Norton Commander running in an OS command prompt (W2K). To my great surprise ME could easily send keystrokes, use shortkeys + copy to clipboard, (made with mouse move selection followed by ENTER). I hope to get the job with the CAD software, however i'm still in the selling process
  8. Hi, I have an upcomming task, with a CAD system, that originated from the UNIX platform. The particular CAD software is ported to Windows 2000. Which limitations/ possibilities will ME have for controlling such app? If at least mouse movements, LMB/RMB + textwriting, use of CAD software shortkeys & eventually clipboard functions work, i'm fine. I understand that "controls" offcourse wouldn't work :-) Do any of you have some experience there? regards Lars
  9. Hi, you could use Total Commander which is a very powerfull file-handling utility for that: http://www.ghisler.com regards Lars
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