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  1. i want to create a auto login for a vnc connection as far as i know the time for the login screen come up is random and because of that i need a simple screen change detection let say i want to capture whatever is in the middle of the screen store it some where compare it after 10 second if the image is different, type in login id and pw thats it. is there a way to do it?
  2. i have been thinking, may be i can use a checking on hour if hour now is different to old hour, run this. old hour = T1 new hour = T2 loop start---- store now hour in T1 compare it to T2 if T1 > T2 T2 = T1 run macro B end if loop end---- so this will run MacroB every hour but i have trouble using repeat until T1 = 1 xxx xxx xxx repeat end this will make my cpu become 100% usage and make it really hot. if there a way to loop forever without making cpu = 100%??
  3. Macro A is what i am running now, i want Macro B runs every 1 mins. Macro A is a forever loop, becas it never ends, so even i use Macro B in Scheduler it just queue up and wait and wait... is there a way in Macro A can pause every x mins and run Macro B and continue Macro A? Macro A: delay 4 sec repeat until T1 = 1 text type 1 delay 1 sec repeat end Macro B: text type 2
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