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  1. @Samrae, just a small error: // Calculate elapsed time Variable Modify Date/Time: %ElapsedTime% = %StartTime% - %EndTime% Variable Modify Date/Time: %decElapsedTime% = %EndTime% - %StartTime% Variable Modify Decimal: %ElapsedSeconds% = %decElapsedTime% * 100000 That constant should be 86400 (the number of seconds in a day) and not 100,000.
  2. Looking great! It is perhaps a bit slow to respond, but that is a minor issue. Keep up the good work. I will be a regular visitor for sure.
  3. Thanks for the ideas guys. @joe I am not sure what you mean, perhaps I can try make myself a little bit clearer with a more concrete example. Let's say I start the monitoring at 22:00. Let's also say that in general I want to start a new action whenever the existing macro has been running for 10,000 seconds. A straightforward query of the Date/Time string would not work, because as you say the number of seconds gets reset, so I need extra logic that won't be confused by a midnight change, preferably not relying on outside scripts, but of course will look at that if it is the only viable solution.
  4. I am monitoring several processes which can run for more than 24 hours, although typically less. Is there a fairly straightforward way to check how long certain process has been running, which won't get confused by change in time/date over midnight/new year. I only need 1 second resolution. I know I could solve this by copying the Date/Time and doing a whole bunch of string/integer manipulation to eventually get the answer but hoping that either: - there is an easier method - someone has already solved this and can share some code Note that I don't want to wait for anything - as in stop program execution while waiting for a time, but monitor elapsed time and act upon that after certain elapsed time points. So in summary: Looking for Elapsed time monitor in seconds, perhaps returning something similar to a "Unix" time number.
  5. Yes it does seem so. It is irritating as a mousedown should not have an enforced mouseup. I might have perfectly good reasons for never releasing a mouse button and it shouldn't be up to the language to try enforce how I use my mouse! As it stands now, I have to release the mouse button within the same block of code - or suffer Syntax error warnings. Not happy. In any case it does not effect the logic and the program runs perfectly ok , just every time I save it I get warned about the syntax error. I know I can disable the warning but want to keep it for a "real" syntax error!
  6. That defeats the whole purpose of the drag because if I use the "Mouse button up" and I am still on the same area of the screen it, then counts as a mouse click which has a completely different action associated with it. Edit: Having said that I will try it out and see - perhaps I can do multiple drags, each with its own mouse down and mouse up, without them been considered mouse clicks by the application - I will let you guys know.
  7. Sorry, no idea how to make code box work, but here is the relevant code <IF VARIABLE Variable="%xVal%" Condition="\x03" Value="100" IgnoreCase="FALSE"/> <MOUSE LEFT BUTTON DOWN/> <MOUSE MOVE Option="\x01" X="%xx%" Y="%yy%" _PROMPT="0x000A"/> <END IF/>
  8. Hi All, I am trying to hold my left mouse button down and drag if a condition is met. The below code causes the Editor to complain about Syntax Errors: If Variable %xVal% Is Greater Than "100" Mouse Left Button Down Mouse Move: %xx%, %yy% Relative to Screen End If Notice that the editor indents the "End If" , so clearly it is getting confused. What, if anything am I doing incorrectly and how do I implement a mouse drag if a condition is met, without producing a syntax error? (Here is the actual code as requested) <IF VARIABLE Variable="%xVal%" Condition="\x03" Value="100" IgnoreCase="FALSE"/> <MOUSE LEFT BUTTON DOWN/> <MOUSE MOVE Option="\x01" X="%xx%" Y="%yy%" _PROMPT="0x000A"/> <END IF/>
  9. Using latest version of Pro, I only see Set integer. How do I declare and work with a Large Integer?
  10. Update: I just tested on Windows XP and this issue with freezing screen co-ordinates does not occur there - so limited to Windows 7. Obviously don't know about any other OS's.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to try help Samrae, I appreciate it. To answer your question, All programs run as admin on my machine (yes I understand that is a security risk). I am also not sure why Macro Express requires a windows hook to show its position on the screen. It makes sense that it needs a hook for relative position on a window, but position on the screen should be a raw OS call, probably how the color indicator works I would think. It looks like this is a bug and I will file a bug report.
  12. Hi, I am running as admin. Also note that it is just the X,Y coordinates that stops working, the Color values continue updating. This seems to indicate it is not the application blocking the window hooks.
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