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  1. I believe there might 2 way this might be easier. 1. If you know VBA for excel? You can do all of this in VBA and Excel and have it work much smother. 2. You could use Excel to arange the data you want to move to a specific cell on a specific sheet then ME would always get it's data from the same cell and sheet all the time. Then Excel could move the next data to the desired cell for next copy to OpenOffice.org. I have used this same type of movement with one of my own bank retrieval programs. Hope this may help
  2. HI All I'm not new to this but I'm not the greatest either. I have been working with ME a couple years now. I've got this program made up to go out on internet to 5 different bank sites and retreave my account information. It in itself works great but the problem is I have the mouse locations prerecorded in excel and transfer them to ME to to move the mouse to the right position and that works gteat but every couple months the banks will change screen positions just enough that it won't go to the correct location. Now I have to go back and manually relocate the controls I use. VERY ANNOYING
  3. I have a setVar macro made to get numbers etc. from excel by seting up excel first and then starting macro exp macro to goto to excel and tab from cell to cell and copying cell to %T # then tab to next. I have it to load up to 30 %T#s. I only know it will work with excel 2003 I would be glad to email some to you but Im new here to. How can I get your email with out puting my email in this forum open for the public. Maybee this type a thing may help Gene
  4. Gene here I do alot in excel VB and I would like to know if ME has anything like VB (goto lineXX:). Or something equivelent. I need to jump to the end of a macro if condition is right. Thank You ahead of time.
  5. My name is Gene and guess what i'm rather new here My problem is that i have several macro to do my project and have them working fine. But in one i have the problem that i need to run 1 macro if condition is right. Then when macro is done i need it to run again if the next condition is right. But the macro just hangs up at the start of the second start of the macro. I have placed text boxes ahead of the second run of the macro in the if statement and the text boxes work in the right time but the macro hangs right there and won't go any farther. It seems like the first instance of th
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