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  1. Hey. Select from command list "Clipboard" Clipboard Copy OR Clipboard Paste There are several more commands. Press F1 to get additional help.
  2. You have completely removed the information on the shop page for the upgrade price. A few days ago there was the possibility to upgrade from version 4 to version 6. I think you need to contact Macro Express Support - info@wintools.com to get a discount. The upgrade price was: 1 license 19$ 2 licenses 34$ I think I don't really know if it's worth switching either. I struggle with myself. @Alexis I don't have any further information than from the website
  3. Yea i forgot to answer this thread. Thank you to rberg & paul. I think paul's solution is the best one. Hopeful the Macro Express Pro developer read this thread and bring out an usefull update in future.
  4. Hello. I want create a macro which is waiting not only for one keys rather two. If you chose A key goto "x". If i chose E key goto "y". Currently Macro Express don't support waiting for 'x' OR 'y' key. Can somebody help me with a workaround ? Here is an example from my idea (careful it is not working !) MessageBox: Info Delay: 1 seconds Wait for Key Press: A OR Wait for Key Press: E // evaluation Switch( %keystroke% ) Case: A // do something useful End Case Case: E // write some text End Case End Switch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. The "Activate or Launch" command first looking for a window with the same name. If he find one he will activate it (and don't start notepad.exe) <LAUNCH PROGRAM AND ACTIVATE WINDOW Title="Untitled" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" Path="C:\\Windows\\notepad.exe" Mode="\x00" Default_Path="TRUE" Wait="1" Wait_For_Program="12"/> Its better to use the command "launch program and activate window" and use 'Untitled' as window name. <IF PROGRAM Option="\x01" Program="NOTEPAD.EXE"/> <WINDOW ACTIVATE Title="Untitled" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x0006"/> &
  6. Ok thank you. I'm going to write a program by myself.
  7. Hey Terry. Do you try to restart you MEP ? Sometime MEP behave strange and after a restart it works fine. This is my (crazy) way to write variables names ;-) In huge and complex macro, real short macros variable names are not good to identify and so i use long and good readable var. Wait a second: i try to open notepad with MEP. Stand by
  8. It's really simple to solve when you know where the bug is hiding. Put your commentary from line 5 to line 4 and your waiting for window title from line 4 to line 5. Eh wola - it works. <COMMENT Value="Assumes JPG is open in IrfanView"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="ie" _COMMENT="Opens EXIF Info window."/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="0.3"/> <COMMENT Value="The On Error tab for the last command was set to 'The condition was not met within the specified amount of time'."/> <WAIT FOR WINDOW TITLE Title="- EXIF Info" Partial="TRUE" Wildcards="FALSE" Indefinite="FAL
  9. Hello guys, it is possible to let Macro Express Pro to communicate with Twitch API (application programming interface) ? Or it's only available through programming language like Java or C++ ? What are the requirements to communicate with an API ? Look_Up
  10. Hello Terri, please try this peace of code to find out which window is open, hidden or visible <COMMENT Value="Initialing"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%text_variable2[1]%" Value="--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%text_variable2[2]%" Value="VISIBLE WINDOW" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%text_variable2[3]%" Value="HIDDEN WINDOW" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <COMMENT Value="Writ
  11. Please STOP FULL QUOTE from my post !!! Whatever you want to try... Now you know how to get content from clipboard to a variable. Try thinking yourself. You can create your own variables and copy one value to another with "Variable modify string" (Copy Whole Text) In other case you should tell me exactly what you want to do. Is the second list also in clipboard ? In which order do you want sort the list ? Which person has a higher priority ?
  12. I know that in Flash window the behave of mouse and/or keyboard can be different. I have some trouble to in full window applications
  13. When the upload window appears can you select more than one file (control and mouse click) or select all (conrtol+a)[strg.+A] ???
  14. The hotkey button is only grey out when you already have set a hotkey. Go into macro express editor, open your macro, choose registercard "Activations" - use properties button to change the current hotkey or "Add" a new one ! Look_Up
  15. You can help youself by try it out. But anyway... Every beginning is difficult You can download the full macro at the end of post - see attachment Variable Set to ASCII Char 13 to %T[97]% // Save "Carriage Return" in string variable %T[97]% Variable Set to ASCII Char 10 to %T[98]% // Save "Line Feed" in string variable %T[98]% // merge both variable %T[97]% and %T[98]% to %new_line% trigger the same behave like pressing < Enter > on keyboard Variable Set String %new_line% to "%T[97]%%T[98]%" // Save all content in string variable %full_uncut_content_clipboard% Variable Set Strin
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