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  1. It's working thank you. Is there a way to verify in a chain of caracters %all%, the chain of caracters %part% exists ? %all% : 561658748778132131561684849415313513216548749 %part% : 213156
  2. I think I found it : https://www.macros.com/helppro/Index.htm?context=1940 Is there a way to detect if a number is even or odd ?
  3. Hello, I have a string, for exemple : %string% = "This is a sentence, I want to analyse the rythm." Is there a way to put each caracter in an array like : %s_letter[%n%]% ? %s_letter[1]% = T %s_letter[2]% = h %s_letter[3]% = i %s_letter[4]% = s Because I want to make a macro that analyse in all ways a text, for "This is" : consonant vowel : Th i s i s = 2 1 1 1 1 letters in words : This is = 4 2 uppercase : T hisis = 1 5 letters between the ponctuation : "This is a sentence, I want to analyse the rythm." = 15 22 etc... Thank you for help.
  4. I said that when you asked me what I wanted to do. The first question was about an image, because I planed to monitor the change in the page, with a "wait 5 sec" (recaptcha), and compare a picture of the page before and after. You asked me more precision when you tried to help me. In this exemple, I have to detect when there is a new item added in the page, but I can't copy paste all the page and compare, because there is timers on each item, "last seen 5 minutes ago", and the macro will detect a change that I don't need. Anyway thank you for your help...
  5. Hello, Sorry, took me a while to answer. It's a very cool script !! Unfortunately in my case, it's text that updates, and after a loading time that seems to be in jquery. Here an example with the equivalent, some text which changes and I need to monitor a change, and the kind of jquery which adds a loading to the page: https://eu.tamrieltradecentre.com/pc/Trade/SearchResult?SearchType=Sell&ItemID=&ItemNamePattern=rusé&ItemCategory1ID=1&ItemCategory2ID=2&ItemCategory3ID=18&ItemTraitID=11&ItemQualityID=&IsChampionPoint=false&LevelMin=&LevelMax=&MasterWritVoucherMin=&MasterWritVoucherMax=&AmountMin=&AmountMax=&PriceMin=&PriceMax=&SortBy=LastSeen&Order=desc I also have an other exemple if needed, but that's exactly the kind of page I need to monitor. But wait... Your script maybe works..? I'll try this that's a very cool one. Edit : not for the delay in jquery it seems.
  6. Yeah I need to compare 2 pages. It was a software to have several sessions in the same time in windows.
  7. it wasn't a vm, but that's true I'll use a vm if I don't find.
  8. Hello, As you are macro users, I would like to remember the name of a software that make possible to have several windows loaded, in order to play a macro in a session, and use you pc in other one. Thanks ?
  9. Hello, I wanted to know if the new version of ME is able to do that.
  10. Thank you for your help, I'll take a look at this.
  11. I was hopping that I could process between X and =. Nvm...
  12. Sorry, maybe I have a easier way : 1 - Is it possible to keep a text between 2 words ? For exemple : xoops hello blablabla 51616 Keep only "hello blablabla" 2 - Is the new version of macro express able to monitor changes visualy on a web page ?
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