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  1. First you should contact your company or team Macro Express SME, or if you don't have one in your department try to find one in another department of the company that can help you. If the position of the window is a problem I'm sure they will be more than happy to resolve the issue for you. There is a very simple way using integers and window reposition.
  2. I converted my ME macro to ME PRO version In the ME 3 version I had a Macro Playback Speed commant that was 10 times Slower than Normal. When it is converted into ME Pro is shows as being 0.33 times faster than normal. Can someone explain how this command works in ME Pro. I have read the help document for the command but it doesn't seem to work like the documents show it should. Can someone explain this to me and give me an idea as to how to have the macro slow down it's speed? Thanks
  3. I use the prompt for the same thing. To type a comment or to be able to change a comment it previously captured. Let's say I am using %T1%, I have it print it's value in the variable prompt by having %T1% in the prompt directions. This does confuse workers at first...but I just tell them to use the right arrow or left arrow to take the highlighting off. They can also use the HOME or END keys to do the same thing. Then if they need to chagne something they can scroll through the comment. It just takes some getting use to. Good Luck in training them.
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know we resolved the issue. Really don't understand it, but the macros acativate, and work, so everyone is happy. Our IT department uninstalled and reinstalled ME again. They changed the resolution of the screen. Bingo, macros worked.
  5. Hi Allen: Thanks for your question. Windows XP is our company standard. The macro doesn't have a specific program to launch in. All are global. Let me know if you need any further information. The version of ME is That is the only version corporate allows us to use. We may be able to upgrade in another 20 years.
  6. I have a problem I've never had before. I sent out a macro to many employees. All employees have the non-editable version of ME The macro works on all employee's computers except one. I have had her ME uninstalled and reinstalled by our IT department. I have changed the macro activation from Ctrl+F12 to Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero) and also Alt+F3. The macro will not start. She has not had any keyboard changes made previously. Can anyone explain what may be going on and how to possibly get her macros to work? Is there something I may need our IT department to do to her computer, or the op
  7. I have two monitors.(1 and 2) I have 1, which is my laptop and primary screen which is set at a different resolution than screen 2 a 17" led montior set at a different resolution (for easier reading.) I know how to capature the resolution using the integer variable; but how can I capture which monitor has the program active. For example, if I want to open internet explorer and a specific url site, it will launch and activate in the monitor where the last internet explorer was closed. That is fine, I just need a way to determine which monitor the newly launched internet explorer window is op
  8. Thought I would share what I found out from Insight. They suggested it was a corrupted file. So I opened a new macro file and started importing my macros one at a time till I fould the culprit. Actually I didn't find one, so I'm thinking it was one of the system macros, or something to the file as a whole. Anyway, I'm back in action with no problems now. Guess this would be a good time to say, "Backup those macros, always, it comes in handy sometimes."
  9. Just within the last few days when I make a new macro using Scripting Editor, and go to save it, I get a pop-up error that says "Read Beyond end of File. Can anyone explain what may be causing this and how to correct? Thanks
  10. My company has a application that is brought up in Internet Explorer browser. I type in the application URL and it opens in the browser. This application is used to input data into fields. You use hand commands to choose or do certain things. One of the commands to use to have the application perform an action is Alt A. If I am typing on my keyboard it does the reqired function in the application. However, if I do it using ME with the TEXT TYPE <ALT>a command I get the browser FAVORITES - Add to Favorites command. Any ideas on how to get the Alt A command in the browser a
  11. My company has Macro Express installed on Citrix servers. Processors open up the citrix session through a browser and all processing applications are accessed and worked then within this Citrix session that is open through the citrix server based website. Has anyone ever used the macro express program to gather information from a program on/within the Citrix session and paste or populate it into a program located on the users PC? Remember, ME is on the citrix server, not the PC. For example, I want to gather a name and address from a green screen which is located within the Citrix se
  12. Here is some scripting I use to resize and relocate a window (as all employees don't like using the screen the same size) and after done entering data into the correct spot, returns the screen to its original size. Have never had any problems with it. <ACTIVATE2:United - iDRS - Microsoft Internet Explorer><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:United - iDRS - Microsoft Internet Explorer><IVAR2:01:10:><IVAR2:02:09:><IVAR2:05:07:><IVAR2:06:08:><WSIZE:00358,00495"CURRENT"><MSD:50><WPOS2TR:"CURRENT"><MSD:175><IVAR2:03:01:33><IVAR2:04:
  13. Jason: Not that I'm aware of...what I do is have the macro I'm designing using the main activiation, say (Alt+2). If I have a problem like you describe I make another macro say (Ctrl+2) then copy the code from the first to the second that I want to test or run. This works well for me and I've built macros with over 57,000 lines of script using this method. The only thing you have to remember is if particluar variables capture infromation previously that you need to populate in different screens, etc. that will run in the second test macro those variables will have to be forced at the be
  14. It works!!! Thanks again so much Kevin. My problem was the format I had the folders and files and drive letter set up. This will save me so much manual work trying to make different macros for telecommuters who have "other" drives. I can't believe I put this off for so long. I really, really appreciate your help! Thanks for the code directions too. John
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