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Found 4 results

  1. so i've had this mxpro software since about this past March 2014... i believe that it's the best thing since sliced bread and i've created some really powerful routines using it and have only recently found that this forum existed after searching for some assistance for some scenarios which i've 'hit a wall' with. i believe that i've exhausted the provided programming parameters of mxpro for a few scenarios which i've encountered. at this point, i've been learning a bit of java, c, and vb out of the need to expand the capabilities that i thought i might be able to utilize using the 'external script' function. i've searched this forum and others' for a solution but have not found anything which satisfies the requirements of what i envision. having said that, please forgive me if i may have overlooked a similar thread which has already covered this topic. I'm looking to automate the entry of contents into a web form coded in html/java... fields and button(s). i have seen routines in java and vba which can manipulate the data as i envision it. thus, i thought that i could implement those scripts into my routine to manipulate the form as well....however, it seems that there are specific parameters which the external script command can accommodate. for the record, i have successfully created a mxpro routine which does exactly what i want; however, since there are a few mouse movements involved, the routine will not execute reliably if the window is not sized properly, or if there are different text sizes or zoom properties. and tabbing thru fields DOES work, however, the webpage reacts differently if there are values entered into some fields and thus the amount of tabs can differ based upon what fields have values and those that do not. so the Tab order can change. what i need to do is 3 things(in Internet Explorer): 1. copy the source code of a webpage(which i have already successfully done using right click and moving down the right click menu to 'view source' - there are frames in the page so ctrl>U doesn't work); additionally, i would like this to occur without opening a separate view source window; 2. be able to enter data directly into a form field based upon its field ID/name/value(in other words, not using Tab to move to the field to manipulate its contents); 3. be able to click on a 'submit' button using its name/ID/value(not using the mouse). -the above, all without using the keyboard or mouse. ultimately, i need the routine to be scalable... meaning whatever the user preferences are(i.e. Internet Explorer zoom setting, window size, text size, etc etc) the routine needs to still complete as programmed. i figure that using other programming languages which are more suitable to manipulating web pages and its contents would only expand the ability that mxpro routines can accomplish. i have downloaded, viewed, and ran the external scripts which the gentleman from Insight wrote years ago which all work fine... however, creating my own scripts yielded ONLY the simple "Hello World" output to console from VB's 'MsgBox("Hello World!")' command to print to the console... console.log("Hello World") doesn't output, nor does System.out.println("Hello World"); anything that i have tried does not log to the console or function as it would in an API. i have changed the output type or language type to match the entered type within the 'external script' command. i tried these simple examples to test the external script function... let alone more complex routines to complete the 3 scenarios i outlined above. any suggestions are appreciated and sorry for the long post! just wanted to be thorough. i'm sure more info may be necessary which i can provide.
  2. Hi, I've capture some values from user in ME variables. I'm passing these values to External Script variables so that the same can be entered to a specific field in an application(by using the IE.document.getElementById). I'm not sure why it is not passing the ME value in ES script ? ME script Variable Set String %Cmmt% to "Did you check the Patient Name on CL : %Pat_Name% Did you check the Legal Entity from COC : %Leg_Ent% Did you check the Emp Name and Address : %Emp_Name% Did you check the Group name and Number : %Grp_Name% Did you check the DOS : %DOS% Did you check the claim amount and service type : %Clm_Amt% Did you check the summary statement as per the appeal FLN : %Sum_Stat% Did you mentioned the correct copay, coins and ded as per plan : %Copay% Did you copy and paste the benefits direct from the COC : %Ben% Did you resolve all the issue of appeallent by adding the standard language : %Stan_lan% Did you check the second level rights from Section 6 of the COC : %Second_Level_Right% Did you check second level Hearing / Review : %Hear_Rev% Did you check the limit for the expedited appeals from section 6 of the COC : %Exp_App% Did you check ERISA rights from the COC : %ERISA% Did you check the appeant party member / provider : %Mem_Pro% " External script 'Option Explicit Dim IE Dim cmmt Dim URLFound Call Look_For_URL If URLFound = True Then IE.Visible = True cmmt = %cmmt% 'objIE.Refresh() IE.document.getElementById"ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_cboCommentType_ETSddlStd").Value = 9 IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_txtComment").Value = cmmt End If Regards, Gagan
  3. Here's another Question on the board I've capture certain info by using object in IE and stored them in a External script (ES) variable. Dim IE Dim URLFound Dim ObjORS Dim fln Call Look_For_URL If URLFound = True Then IE.Visible = True fln = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_hypWandFLN").innerHTML Caseid = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_lblCaseID").innerHTML date = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_lblCaseID").innerHTML Status = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_lblCaseID").innerHTML Wscript.Echo fln Wscript.Echo Caseid End If Above script will return value in a variable %Result%. When i call %Result% it will show the values which i've called in script through Wscript.echo command. My question : Is there any way i can use the able values captured in another External script. I'm creating a new e-mail via ES option and want to pass the values retrieved from %Result%. 'Script from Body of the mail. strMsg = "Case id : " %Result% "FLN # " %Result% objMail.body = strMsg objMail.display
  4. Hi, Is there any way to preserve the value of a variable from External Script file and place it in MEP variable %T[*]%. I've gone through the post "How to return a value from external script to MEP" earlier posted in this forum. But failed to find any conclusion on it. Can some one post a simple method of capturing the variable value from ES to MEP. FYI..I'm using VBscrpit in External Script. Thanks in advance. Gagan
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