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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I've capture some values from user in ME variables. I'm passing these values to External Script variables so that the same can be entered to a specific field in an application(by using the IE.document.getElementById). I'm not sure why it is not passing the ME value in ES script ? ME script Variable Set String %Cmmt% to "Did you check the Patient Name on CL : %Pat_Name% Did you check the Legal Entity from COC : %Leg_Ent% Did you check the Emp Name and Address : %Emp_Name% Did you check the Group name and Number : %Grp_Name% Did you check the DOS : %DOS% Did you check the claim amount and service type : %Clm_Amt% Did you check the summary statement as per the appeal FLN : %Sum_Stat% Did you mentioned the correct copay, coins and ded as per plan : %Copay% Did you copy and paste the benefits direct from the COC : %Ben% Did you resolve all the issue of appeallent by adding the standard language : %Stan_lan% Did you check the second level rights from Section 6 of the COC : %Second_Level_Right% Did you check second level Hearing / Review : %Hear_Rev% Did you check the limit for the expedited appeals from section 6 of the COC : %Exp_App% Did you check ERISA rights from the COC : %ERISA% Did you check the appeant party member / provider : %Mem_Pro% " External script 'Option Explicit Dim IE Dim cmmt Dim URLFound Call Look_For_URL If URLFound = True Then IE.Visible = True cmmt = %cmmt% 'objIE.Refresh() IE.document.getElementById"ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_cboCommentType_ETSddlStd").Value = 9 IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_txtComment").Value = cmmt End If Regards, Gagan
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