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Found 3 results

  1. I just upgraded to ME5. I have a few Macros imported from ME3 that work fine but I am unable to capture a new macro or edit an existing one using the record function. none of the hot key commands start a capture such as ctrl alt shift x etc. I am using the Global setting in scope but following the tutorial methods precisely starts nothing with the hot key. Is there something really obvious I am missing?
  2. Hi, I'm unable to read the data under a field. I tried everything under the Window Controls option in MEP. It seems like the Ctrl + C field is disabled while i try to capture the data from this field. However when i right click on the text to copy i'm able to copy the data. How can i capture the text from the below list option. It's same as reading data from a list box in HTML.Below are the Snippts from the application. Please let me kow if you need more details. Regards, Gagan
  3. Hi, Can some one provide an example macro to understand the use of Get Control & Capture Control utility in MEP. I've tried hard and understand to some extent the use of these controls but want to have an example which can show me a demo of this control. Thanks in Advance !! Gagan
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