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Found 4 results

  1. I rarely write macros so am always inexperienced. Today I cured a bizarre problem where I had entered <control>c in "Text Type" assuming that it would save selected text to the Windows clipboard. Instead, in one program it selected its edit mode and deleted the selected string. I tried it in another program where it added a space. I then changed the text in "Text type" to <control down>c<control up> and after that it did what I wanted. It may be useful not to bother with "<control>c" - I don't know why it does not do what is expected.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure how to do this. I have two sets of data. In Database 1: I have a person's name (i.e. David Smith) which I assign T72 and a separate Database 2---the same person but with his professional title added (i.e. David Smith RN). I will assign this name+title as T73 . Is there a way to "compare" the two variables [T72 and T73] and then "strip" T72 information out of T73 leaving only the individual's title which I can assign to another variable to manipulate it further.
  3. Trying to have one dialog at beginning of macro that displays what was on the clipboard but gives user the chance to correct it, if needed. playing with : Variable set string from clipboard vs Variable set string prompt for value. Is there a way to combine these into one dialog?? I.e.: get var from clipboard set to %T1% display %T1% in dialog in editable field let user modify %T1% ok/cancel revise %T1% to new text
  4. Hi all, I am trying to create a macro to help out with work. I have very basic programming knowledge from a few high school classes and I have seen this topic sort of addressed a few times (Cory always brought up Regex), but I want to see if I am not going about this the right way. I have a bunch of text on a web page that gets highlighted with crtl+a and then saved to a variable. I can then read variable and use "if variable contains xyz, variable2 = A. From there I can I just keep searching for key phrases from the text and setting them into new variables. This works fine for things that are "multiple choice" so to speak, but will not work for things like people's names, since it will be completely random what the name is. To get around this, I tried the approach of having the mouse click in selected spots where the words I am looking for will be and copying to clipboard, then setting variable from clipboard. This doesn't work all the time because little discrepancies in the changing web page make it so that I am always off by a few (or sometimes many) pixels. Any ideas here? I was thinking about revisiting my first approach when I just search for phrases in the variable... something like "if variable contains "FIRST NAME: *********" where the ***s are the person's actual name. I would only want to store this info into a new variable though, and not all the extraneous text in the variable. Can this be done? TIA, Mike
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