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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings! I have two different folders for the same game. The other folder contains the original game, and the other folder contains the modded version of the same game. Every time I want to play either the vanilla or the modded game, I need to rename the folders for Steam to recognize the version of the game I want to play at the moment. For a while I changed the names of the folders manually, but I got fed up with it and created a macro to do the boring and slow work for me instead. I have a prompt of two options, between playing the modded or the original version. When I try to use the Rename Folder -command in my macro, it creates an error. The folder won't be renamed. I see no reasons for this error. I have checked many times, that the macro should work as intended. I have checked the folder names. I have closed Macro Express Pro and reopened it with admin rights. Nothing I have tried has worked out so far. Here are two screenshots about the case. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm using a script to initiative a sequence of key presses. The sequence has few <ENTER> presses. When I run the macro all the other keys are pressed once but <ENTER> is pressed twice. Can anybody tell me how to fix this. Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am having troubles importing/exporting menus build with macro express. Exporting appears to work fine but when imported on a different computer the menu is all mixed up with entries missing or entries under the wrong sub menu. At this time the only workaround is to manually re-arrange the menu which is not an option as the macro-sets are shared with ~ 60 people and require constant updating... Has anyone experienced similar issues and found a work around? If any further information from my side would be helpful for you to solve this, let me know Many thanks in advance
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