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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Wondering if someone can point me to some info on how to solve a problem I'm looking to solve with Macro Express. I have a list of ~ 100 variables Such as A1000, B1200, B1300 etc. These variables coincide with text files I need to upload to a website. I'd like to loop through these variables and upload textfiles that are essentially the names of these variable i.e. A1000.txt to the website. The website has a page with a button that asks you to locate the file in question. After locating the file you click submit and the file is uploaded. I've been able to use VBA to bring me to the page where these files need to be uploaded one at a time, but having trouble using MacroExpress to perform the upload. Thoughts? This problem is causing me to bang my head into the desk. I'll send homebrew to the kind soul who can help Thank You!!! ~Greg
  2. Hi, I'm trying to connect MEP to IE through External Script option. Below is the code to activate IE window. I've run this code in VBA and is working fine but the same code when i put under MEP under External Script option it doesn't works. Dim btnSelectList As MSHTML.HTMLSelectElement Dim btnOptionList As MSHTML.HTMLOptionElement, ElementColList As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection Dim ElementCol1List As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection, i As Long, j As Long, URL As String Dim ie As InternetExplorer Set ie = New InternetExplorer Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application") ' Create IE object ie.Visible = True ie.navigate http://google.com 'Open URL Do Until ie.readyState = READYSTATE_COMPLETE 'Wait till the page gets loaded in the browser Loop Can anyone help on this ?
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