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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings! Sorry, if a topic like this already exists. After a real quick search I didn't find anything. I am generating four variables. First three I give five different words. The last one I give two. I create a Multiple Choice Menu. I set these four variables in this Menu. I want to deactivate the last three variables. Thus, I want only five items to be shown in my Multiple Choice Menu, trough only the first variable. As something happens later and I activate another variable, more choices would appear on my Menu. 1. Can this be achieved in
  2. Greetings! (I took a quick peek in the Search but didn't found any topic to my same problem.) I need to add the Menu Key (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menu_key) in the text Type Window. I checked out The software's Help and Google but didn't find anything. Does anyone know, can it even be added?
  3. Hi, I've created a Multiple Choice Menu with 58 options. I've used swtich case along with MCM. It works fine till the user selects till 36th option i.e. all the Alphabets(A-Z) and numbers(0-9). But the issue starts from 37th option onwards where the values are written in AA, BB, CC...ZZ field. It doesn't display any value when printed. Any suggestions on tis wired behaviour ? Here's the command text of the code. Multiple Choice Menu: EOB Code Switch( %EOB_Type% ) Case: A Variable Set String %Den_code% to "B06" End Case Case: B Variable Set String %Den_code% to "B07" End
  4. ME Pro W 7 pro 64x, have used ME since 1988. I use cascading menus, I have just added an entry to my 'start programs' menu and the keys assigned to the macros start at A and go down the alphabet to Z. This new added macro, I would like to place 5th from the top, the problem is for some reason the letter A is being used over again, even though it's in the fifth-place, and it's already been used at the top in 1st place. How can I make the keyboard designators re-sort themselves so there will not be duplicates as are are now, and they will go from A-Z? I have included an image of the men
  5. Hello Everyone, I am having troubles importing/exporting menus build with macro express. Exporting appears to work fine but when imported on a different computer the menu is all mixed up with entries missing or entries under the wrong sub menu. At this time the only workaround is to manually re-arrange the menu which is not an option as the macro-sets are shared with ~ 60 people and require constant updating... Has anyone experienced similar issues and found a work around? If any further information from my side would be helpful for you to solve this, let me know Many
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