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Found 2 results

  1. Macro Express Pro v is now available fixing the Quick Wizards feature. For a complete list of changes see the Macro Express Pro v Release Notes. Download Macro Express Pro from the download page. Click here for information about other recent changes.
  2. Macro Express Pro v is now available. This version contains many improvements and bug fixes along with one security patch. We recommend you upgrade to this version. Changes include the following: Made changes to allow the program to be used on computers with high DPI settings such as those with 4K monitors. Added 'Variable Set Decimal to Display Size Multiplier' command to allow macros to adjust for different DPI screen settings. Fixed a problem with the Mouse Locator in the Portable version. Fixed a problem where some processes were missing from the list of processes. Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2014-0994 relating to bitmap images. Updated the installer Removed "The " from many of the Error Codes to make it easier to locate a specific error in the 'Catch Error' command. Most running macros are now listed when the mouse is hovered over the running man icon. When the player starts it now waits for macro files to be ready before attempting to load them. It waits up to 15 seconds for each macro file to become available. Shortkey activated macros include a "To Play Back" box in the Activations tab of the Script Editor. Moved Show Sidebar and Show Toolbar options to the Preferences, Appearance dialog. Added the ability to Log Unusual Events to note errors that should not crash the program. Importing macros is now faster. Fixed a bug that could cause the program to forget which macro files are loaded. Fixed a problem where you could not export to a macro file that already exists even if you answered Yes to overwrite it. For a complete list of changes see the Macro Express Pro v Release Notes. Download Macro Express Pro from the Macro Express download page. Macro Express News - September 26,2017 contains more information, tips and sample macros.
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