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Found 2 results

  1. I had no idea, how to look about this through Search *blush* --- After experimenting and finding myself from a dead end, I decided to ask from here. 1. Is it possible to run macros in a video game? (typing a shortkey in a video game doesn't launch a macro and I don't know why, no matter do I specify my macro to Global or Window/Program Specific) 2. Is there a way to create one long macro and activate only a part of the macro just by typing a text command in a video game with my keyboard WITHOUT creating tens of short macros with the Shortkey-ability? In other words, is it poss
  2. Greetings! I have been looking around the software's tutorials, it's help documents and this forum, but I didn't find a solution. --- I found both "If Message" and "Multiple Choice Menu", but they didn't fit in my needs, because they have only buttons as answers. I also studied a bit the "Wait for Text"-command, but I believe it needs a specific text answer instead of any answer written in? Plus it doesn't create a text field... What I need is a popup-window with a question, which has a text field on where I can input my answer in. If there is a way/are ways, how do
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