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Found 6 results

  1. I want Macro Express to repeat an operation 2 million times. During the working of system, I want to know how many times is that operation done. Is it possible to show repeat number on the screen while macro is working?
  2. Hi everyone, I am specifically looking to repeat a prompt for new variable integers X number of times. Example: The user will know how many registers they want to edit (ie. 1, 2, 3.. etc.). This will equal the number of new register numbers that need to be prompted for their values. Let's say the user wants to edit 5 registers, and their register numbers are 1, 2, 3, 98 and 99 accordingly. I need a set of commands that will prompt the user 5 times (because the macro already has this value) for a new integer variable equal to the register numbers. Repeat Start (Repeat %EditedRegisters% times) Prompt for first register number... 1 Prompt for second register number... 2 Prompt for third register number... 3 Prompt for fourth register number... 98 Prompt for fifth register number... 99 The number of register numbers changes in each instance, which is why higher in the macro there is a separate prompt that asks how many registers are being edited in total = %EditedRegisters% Does this make sense? Basically I need the macro to understand it needs to prompt X number of times based on %EditedRegisters% for new integer variables which the user will define manually through a prompt. Cheers
  3. Hi Everyone, Is there any way we can use the Repeat Until command to accept a value from user in a Multiple Choice Menu. Till the time user doesn't select any value( Single Choice or Multiple Choice) the MCM doesn't gets disappear. I tried Equal to / Doesn't Equal > 0 to option but it doesn't works. Thanks in advance ! Gagan
  4. Hello guys, i am trying to write a macro. The macro should repeat every 60 Seconds. But which repeat option should i use? Im am using Macro Express 3. Greetings from Germany
  5. To anyone willing to help: I have a loop that reads like this: Repeat Until %T1% = "" body of function Repeat End However, I want to insert a counter potentially into a variable within the loop so that when the function is done once, one set of instructions is needed. If the function is done twice then do this, if done three or more times then do this. Anyone know of a way to make it happen? Thanks
  6. HI All, I've two questions to ask fromthe forum. 1) Firstly i've put some values in Column A of an Excel sheet. I want the macro to read each value till the time it finds a blank cell. The macro should pop-up an error message "There are no more values available". I've tried doing this but the macro is reading all the values including blank values. I've tried Repeat until and Repeat Start both options but failed to get the desired results. 2) Secondly Can i store an image in a variable in ME pro. I've a project in which i need to draft a template as per user selection and there should a particular logo depending upon the option selected on the top of the word document. Is it really possible ? Thanks in advance, Gagan
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