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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings! Sorry, if a topic like this already exists. After a real quick search I didn't find anything. I am generating four variables. First three I give five different words. The last one I give two. I create a Multiple Choice Menu. I set these four variables in this Menu. I want to deactivate the last three variables. Thus, I want only five items to be shown in my Multiple Choice Menu, trough only the first variable. As something happens later and I activate another variable, more choices would appear on my Menu. 1. Can this be achieved in any way? 2. Can I setup later "If you choose this option, something happens" for every word I have set up in each variable? (all 17 words appear on my Menu, when all four variables are abled. This is a promising attention) Thanks in advance! ^^
  2. How do I go about initially set a string variable and have that variable value increment by one each time I run a repeat macro? (ie.) T1 for first name, T2 for the next name ect. on a list.
  3. Hi everyone, I am specifically looking to repeat a prompt for new variable integers X number of times. Example: The user will know how many registers they want to edit (ie. 1, 2, 3.. etc.). This will equal the number of new register numbers that need to be prompted for their values. Let's say the user wants to edit 5 registers, and their register numbers are 1, 2, 3, 98 and 99 accordingly. I need a set of commands that will prompt the user 5 times (because the macro already has this value) for a new integer variable equal to the register numbers. Repeat Start (Repeat %EditedRegisters% times) Prompt for first register number... 1 Prompt for second register number... 2 Prompt for third register number... 3 Prompt for fourth register number... 98 Prompt for fifth register number... 99 The number of register numbers changes in each instance, which is why higher in the macro there is a separate prompt that asks how many registers are being edited in total = %EditedRegisters% Does this make sense? Basically I need the macro to understand it needs to prompt X number of times based on %EditedRegisters% for new integer variables which the user will define manually through a prompt. Cheers
  4. I'm trying to compare 3 integers and pick the highest number. The result is 20 instead of 29 when I run the script below. What am I doing wrong? Variable Set Integer %N1% to 20 Variable Set Integer %N2% to 29 Variable Set Integer %N3% to 15 If variable %N1% <= variable %N2% Switch (N2) End Switch Variable Modify Integer : Copy %N2% to %N10% End IF If variable %N2% <= variable %N3% Switch (N3) End Switch Variable Modify Integer : Copy %N3% to %N10% End IF If variable %N3% <= variable %N1% Switch (N1) End Switch Variable Modify Integer : Copy %N1% to %N10% End IF Text Box Display: end
  5. There are lots of times when I wish MEP would allow more than one dimension for a variable array. A simple example would be when I'm trying to store the contents of a spreadsheet. I could use one dimension for the row, and the other for the column. That way I could refer to an array element as, say, T[5,4]. As far as I know, this is not possible. Does anyone have a way to deal with this limitation? I've thought about using an array where the elements are other arrays, but I haven't figured out how to make that work. A 2-dimensional array would be so much easier. Any ideas? Rich
  6. Hi, I've capture some values from user in ME variables. I'm passing these values to External Script variables so that the same can be entered to a specific field in an application(by using the IE.document.getElementById). I'm not sure why it is not passing the ME value in ES script ? ME script Variable Set String %Cmmt% to "Did you check the Patient Name on CL : %Pat_Name% Did you check the Legal Entity from COC : %Leg_Ent% Did you check the Emp Name and Address : %Emp_Name% Did you check the Group name and Number : %Grp_Name% Did you check the DOS : %DOS% Did you check the claim amount and service type : %Clm_Amt% Did you check the summary statement as per the appeal FLN : %Sum_Stat% Did you mentioned the correct copay, coins and ded as per plan : %Copay% Did you copy and paste the benefits direct from the COC : %Ben% Did you resolve all the issue of appeallent by adding the standard language : %Stan_lan% Did you check the second level rights from Section 6 of the COC : %Second_Level_Right% Did you check second level Hearing / Review : %Hear_Rev% Did you check the limit for the expedited appeals from section 6 of the COC : %Exp_App% Did you check ERISA rights from the COC : %ERISA% Did you check the appeant party member / provider : %Mem_Pro% " External script 'Option Explicit Dim IE Dim cmmt Dim URLFound Call Look_For_URL If URLFound = True Then IE.Visible = True cmmt = %cmmt% 'objIE.Refresh() IE.document.getElementById"ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_cboCommentType_ETSddlStd").Value = 9 IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_txtComment").Value = cmmt End If Regards, Gagan
  7. HI All, I've two questions to ask fromthe forum. 1) Firstly i've put some values in Column A of an Excel sheet. I want the macro to read each value till the time it finds a blank cell. The macro should pop-up an error message "There are no more values available". I've tried doing this but the macro is reading all the values including blank values. I've tried Repeat until and Repeat Start both options but failed to get the desired results. 2) Secondly Can i store an image in a variable in ME pro. I've a project in which i need to draft a template as per user selection and there should a particular logo depending upon the option selected on the top of the word document. Is it really possible ? Thanks in advance, Gagan
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