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Macroexpress And Stopzilla


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a few weeks ago, I installed a software named Stopzilla : this is a (really useful and user friendly) popups killer ... but since last week-end, Stopzilla systematically kills MacroExpress when I launch it !! :angry: and adds it to its blacklist : macexp.exe [spyware/adware]


I'm quite confident with MacroExpress, that's not the problem ... but I'd like to know what I could do to be able to use in the same time MacroExpress and Stopzilla ... did any of you have the same problem ? any idea ?



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I do not have a solution but I do have some additional information. Some malware (trojans, viruses, key loggers, etc.) use the Windows 'hooks' to perform their mischief. Macro Express uses the Windows 'hooks' to send and receive keyboard and mouse information to and from Windows. Some programs ban all programs that use the hooks and thus ban Macro Express.

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