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What Will This If Statement Do?


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Sorry...but I'm not so good to this IF.


My IF statement look like this:


If variable T9 contains variable T5


If variable T9 contains variable T6


If variable T8 contains Restart


Then delete mail

End IF


I surpose that the email will be deleted if T5 and T6 both are present in T9.

If this is not true it will test if T8 contains restart.

IF it does the email will be deleted

If not it will end and go on with the rest of the macro.


Is that right??


And I also has a problem:


T8 contains: 1 Tryg OPC Job Error


I have an IF statement that says that

If T8 does not contain: Tryg OPC

Then archive the mail in X folder.


But even if T8 contains Tryg OPC, it sometimes archive mail in X and sometimes not.

Can this be a timing problem in my IF statement???

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Your First IF statement looks correct to me.


For your archive question... I would check to see if text case is an issue. In your command "If T8 does not contain: Tryg OPC"... I would check the "Ignore Case". Timing should not be an issue when dealing with "IF" statements. If variable does not contain that text... it should not even go on with that statement.

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