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Notified When A Macro Stops


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When the Macro has ended... just add the Send Email command at the end of your code... just outside of the loop (after "Repeat End"). As far as when the macro stops or aborts... I am not sure... but I can tell you how I do it. My Macros work between certain screens. Each time the macro changes to a new screen... I use a repeat loop looking for the window title... if not seeing it, delay 1 sec, repeat again. Once it gets to 30 seconds, it sends a "Net Send" command to me through the network (screen pop-up message), and then pauses with a "wait for keypress" command. In the below code... the Macro Run: MACRO ERROR is a separate macro that does the net-send function. I use that set of commands quite often in my macro, so I set it up on it's own and just call it in my scripts.


Repeat Start (Repeat 30 times)
   Variable Set String %T70% from Window Title
   If Variable %T70% contains "Partial"
     Delay 1 Seconds
   End If
 Repeat End
 If Variable %T70% does not contain "Partial"
   Macro Run: MACRO ERROR
   Text Box Display: Error With Macro
   Wait for Key Press: ESC
 End If



You can replace my "Macro Run" command with the Send Email command.

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The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to simply write a macro that sends you an email or text message on your phone, schedule it to run every minute, and then disable it. Next at the beginning of your macro that “runs all day” add a line that will enable the “email alert macro”. Since only one macro can run at a time the “email alert macro” will only run if the first macro fails, or ends. You will need select the “clear error messages” function under preferences>miscellaneous for this to work properly. Also be sure to include a disable “email alert macro” function at the end of your “email alert macro” otherwise you’ll end up with LOTS of emails.


:) Gabriel

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