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Wait Until T15 Pasting Ends?


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I have a field where I paste the content of T15.

T15 is a lot of text, and sometimes it takes time to paste it, and sometimes not (speed problem in this program i use).


After pasting the macro runs ALT+T to open menu in top of program and then L to choose from menu. But sometimes it just write TL after the T15 paste, and the macro stops because the new window does not open.


But is there a wait command that says:


"Wait until T15 is finished with pasting and then go on with ALT+T" ??

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There is a "Wait Text Playback" <WAITPB> in Text commands section. According to the help section it probably wont work after a paste command.


Wait for Text to Play Back


This option would only be used immediately after a Text command. You don't want the macro to continue on before the text from your text command has finished playing back. Selecting this option will stop the macro from continuing until the text has finished playback.


You could code some ME commands to paste everything from the clipboard contents except for the last character. Then use the Text Type command to enter the last character, followed by the "Wait Text Playback" command.

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