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Clipboard And Keyboard Functions Not Working


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I recently got a new computer and upgraded from Windows Professional 2000 to Windows XP Pro. I'd been using my macros sucessfully on Windows 2000 within a program called Unicorn Workflows, but they aren't performing properly on XP.


For some reason clipboard functions and keyboard shortcuts (like Ctrl +c) aren't being executed by Macro Express anymore, although it seems that everything else works fine. The clipboard copy command does nothing, and changing the command to make the macro enter ctrl+c types "<ctrl>+c" into the field. Once it copied one piece of text that I needed copied, but normally it doesn't seem to copy anything at all.


I tried the same macro in a program outside of Workflows, and it worked fine, however i don't think it's Workflows fault. All the settings are the same as when I used it on Windows 2000 and the macros performed fine on every Windows 2000 machine I used them on. Is there anyway I can make macro express enter shortcut keys in this program when it is running on XP?

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Instead of issuing a Control+C command, you may want to consider issuing a Control Down and Control Up command. The control key options can be found under the Keyboard options in the commands list. Using this option will actually hold down the control key while the c is being pressed. It is also important to note that whenever you are pressing the control, alt or shift key you should not use capital letters (e.g. <CTRLD>c<CTRLU>).

Another option is to use the Clipboard Copy command found under the Clipboard options. You can also find the Clipboard Paste and Clipboard Cut commands here.

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