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I'm nearing the end of my ME trial period, so I have to decide whether to buy it... It's a great program, but I'm torn between it and Macro ToolWorks. The simplicy of ME is really a big bonus. I was wondering though if it is possible to set up a macro to trigger an action when a certain program (like an email client) is launched? Macro ToolWorks does this and it is vrey useful, eg. I can set it up to launch a custom menu when a certain program starts, etc.


Also, are there any plans to incorporate a basic scripting into ME? I've had to write a couple of macros to launch Perl scripts when I need to do something that is a little more complex than ME can currently handle.


Maybe someone here has tried Macro ToolWorks and can point out some reasons why ME is better - I'm sure that is a lot of functionality in ME that I probably haven't discovered yet.




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Thanks for the reply, Jason.


I should have explained myself better - I don't want to launch macros via email. Rather, I want a macro application that can monitor what is happening on my computer. So, if I open Microsoft Excel, a customized ME macro toolbar for Excel will pop up and sit to the left of the screen. Maybe a macro will pop up and provide me with a list of frequently used spreadsheets and ask which one I want to load, etc. Macro ToolWorks does this, but there are other drawbacks to that program that are a bit annoying.


I guess this is tricky in ME because there is a limit to one macro being run at a time. Are there any plans to change this in the future? I would be nice to be able to continue using various macros while there is one running in the background completeing a task that takes a long time... for example, monitoring a ftp download.


Anyway, I'm going to run some more tests.

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