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I'm new to macro express.

I'm trying to create a macro for a child window using Sirsi Unicorn ( a librarian program). I'm trying to go to a child window (called Modify Order:Modify Order) and click on the segments tab (4th one on the right).

I can move the mouse and maximize the window and do what I want but it seems like there should be a more elegant way. But when I click on get control, it always works from the parent window.

Any ideas or is it just not possible with this program?

Thanks very much,


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Hi- Another library user!


I've never used Sirsi Unicorn, but there are also difficulties getting controls to register in the various panes of Aleph (another Library program) due to the controls being "dynamically allocated" rather than having fixed IDs that ME can recognize.


Does Unicorn have command-key equivilents? That's been very helpful with Aleph. Or sometimes command-equivilents can get you part-way there, and then you can tab around- not the most elegant solution, but it works (in some cases).


The difficulty with the library programs, I think, is that they are so much more complex than most of the software that ME has to deal with.


(BTW, I'm using a slightly older version of ME, so there may be more elegant solutions using the newer version that I'm not aware of.)

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