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Help With A Simple Macro.


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I just downloaded macro express 3 something.

Well the only thing i want to do is have the macro press f1 every 120 seconds

I want it to do this tell i tell it to stop.


I want it to do it on a window or program no matter if it is minimzed or maximised or selected or what not.


do you guys understand? help me please

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Here's another suggestion. Create a scheduled macro. Set the schedule so it runs every 120 seconds. In the properties for the macro set the nickname to something (perhaps 'Every 120'). In the macro put a Text Type F1 command. When you have finished writing the macro, click OK to return to the Macro Explorer window. Within Macro Explorer, highlight the macro and disable it.


Then create two other macros. In the first macro enter the command 'Macro Enable: "Every 120"'. In the second macro enter the command 'Macro Disable: "Every 120"'.


Use one macro to start the scheduled macro and use the other one to stop it.

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