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How to make Macro Express work with initial connection of remote desktop Anyviewer?

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I have a macro to launch Anyviewer.  When the first part of the interface launches on my desktop to ask for connection data (see image) then Macro Express stops functioning in that Anyviewer Window.  I've read the thee knowledge based texts about "hooks" and such but it is advanced and I don't understand how to make it work in this first window.


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It looks like the "AeroAdmin v4.9" window is not receiving keyboard input focus when it opens. Your script may need to give it focus before the script does anything else. Maybe something like this:


// Launch Anyviewer...
Program Launch: "c:\Programs\Anyviewer.exe" (Normal)
// Wait up to five seconds for the "AeroAdmin" window to open
Repeat Start (Repeat 10 times)
  If Window "AeroAdmin v" is running // Parital match of window that isn't gaining focus
    Window Activate: AeroAdmin v // Give focus to the window
    Repeat Exit
    Delay: 500 milliseconds
  End If
 End Repeat

  // Act on the now-focused AeroAdmin window...
  Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <TAB>12345<TAB>abcde<ENTER>


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My code is illustrative. You'll need to modify several lines before the script might work.


I have no way of knowing the path to the executable on your computer. And I don't even know the name of the executable. So I invented the path and the program name. This line is probably totally wrong!


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(I thought I sent this before, but now I found it hadn't.)

I don't either.

You might look at running MEP with elevated privileges (Admin). Many posts here about it and I think ISS has a support page about it. 

Also I have many problems with MEP not working in UWP apps and that looks like it might be one. Many discussions about that here also.

I don't have that application so I can't test for myself. Just random thoughts for you.

If I can think of anything else, I will return and post more. 


P.S. it sounds like the same problem I have with UWP apps. They seem invisible to MEP.

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We have discussed this in other threads. You can search if you like. I was adamant it doesn't work in UWP. If that's what you have. It looks like it. However some others pointed out that it can work in a limited way. Somehting about sending text still works. But I seem to remember not being able to get it to work myself. I gave up trying on UWP apps. But maybe you can take the advice from those other threads and get it to work like others claimed to be able to do.

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I downloaded the application and took it for a test ride, both with and without Macro Express.


It's an extremely inaccessible program. Macro Express is unable to interact with the user interface in any meaningful way. An application-specific script for Anyviewer isn't even possible. From a macro-scripter's perspective, Anyviewer is useless.


I uninstalled it! 


Find a different application if you're wanting to automate tasks via Macro Express. 

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