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Append to filename using Process Folder macro

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I'm using the Process Folder macro to go through a directory of files and process them in a program. But, I need to append some text to the filename each time I finish the processing. The Process Folder scripts reads the filenames into the array %T[1]% and iterates through the array. When I need to save the file that just been processed, I need to add "_LE" to the end of the filename without changing the extension. For example: the original file might be named foo.bar but I need to name the newly processed file as foo_LE.bar. I assume I could split the text into parts somehow and concatenate afterwards.




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Thanks rberq.


I think I accomplished the same thing with this ugly hack:

Repeat with Folder C:\foo\bar
Variable Set String %FileExt% to "%T[1]%"
Split String "%FileExt%" on "." into %parts%, starting at 1
Variable Set String %dir% to "C:\foo\bar\"
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): %dir%%parts[1]%_LE.txt

Yours, of course, is more elegant.




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