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Make green man icon always show / visible in system tray (or else) by default or optional...

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Hi everyone,

How to make green man icon always show in system tray by default [when a macro is running].
Since it's a very important feature to indicate when a macro is running ( ME 6 ).

My conditions: Me6 / windows 11 / 22h2 ( last update ) :
- The green man he is there, but always hided unless you use/leave the mouse to show the hided notifcation zone!

Any solution to move the gren man to an always visible zone ?

I check / found another post saying about the same problem:

TsunamiZ  Posted July 1, 2013


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Drag the red and blue Macro Express icon from the notification area to the System Tray. Then you will always know when Macro Express is running.


On my system, the running green man appears on the left edge of the System Tray. Notice the Macro Express icon three icons to the right.



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There used to be a "Show All" switch in windows 7 in the taskbar settings. I thought there was one in windows 10 too. I have Windows 11 now. I could be wrong, I think the "Hidden icon menu" switch shows all in the W11 version. Unfortunately "showing all" may show more than what you want, it may take up too much room.image.thumb.png.f6c97d80fe63dc7cf883f2a107e43204.png


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Actually, here is the one I was thinking of that I always check that seems to work best with Macro Express and showing the green running man. The only downside is that it shows all, you can't turn off individual icons. As long as you don't have that many icons, it's not so bad.



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OK . THANKS to the few persons answering.  I helped me... I found the solution on Win11 ...my menus are in french so I translate ( about...)


params... ( win-i ) > Personalisation > task bar > other icons on the task bar ( Masqued icons ) > ...the running man is present in the menu and it was " desactivated" so I did activate it and now it works, I can see the running man when macro running. It shows just on the left of system date & time .


Nice day to everyone.




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