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How get desktop icon to activate a macro?

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I found I could create a desktop icon from my macro but can see no option in the activations list to link from it. I want to be able to click the icon to activate the macro. All I get is an error beep. Seems to me it needs adding to the activations, but how?

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Read the help section

Command Line Parameters


You want the executable to be MeProc.exe to avoid re-starting MEP which will take longer. Then use the command parameter to activate the macro. 


Remember, RTFM 😁

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When you right click on a macro there is an option to "Place on Desktop". An icon will be created on your desktop that will run the macro when you double click on it.


If Macro Express is not already running when you double click on the icon then Macro Express will be launched. This may take some time but the macro should run once Macro Express loads.


Are you sure that the macro is not running? Put a Text Box Display command at the top of your macro. It should be displayed when you double click on the macro icon.


If you still have trouble contact support here: Request Support

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Thanks for replies.


Yes, the macro was running but didn't work (as expected.) In case it wasn't valid for some reason (it just typed <WIN>X) I added another test line to minimize all windows. This worked, so the error beep must refer to the keypresses. In case there was some problem with calling the Windows key, I reduced the text to just X but still got the error beep.


I'm simply trying to call up the Windows alternate menu. Maybe simulating keypresses only works within a focused window or something.


Any ideas?

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Try the command below, you'll want a lower case x as well:



If that doesn't work try:

Keystroke Speed: 50 milliseconds
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <WIND>x<WINU>
Keystroke Speed: 0 milliseconds

Text Box Display: test

Try a different command too, like:

It will highlight all your desktop icons. Just don't press delete afterwards :)

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