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I am a long time Macro Express Pro user.  I am currently using version  I have a lot of small macros that help with simple tasks.  I started using a series of macros recently.  Basically, I am grabbing information that is in fields in 1 program, storing the information into variables then displaying a dialog box with that info displayed so that it can be pasted into various other programs.  I have exported the main macro as an mxe file and it is launched by clicking on a field in another program.  It works nicely but almost every time I launch it Macro Express will crash and I have to restart it.  It will run correctly one time, then crash the next time I run it.  If I look in the log for Macro Express I see:

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 8:00:29:394 AM: RunningMacro.SetPlaybackVar error:   Access violation at address 76EF4EF5 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014 repeated about a zillion times.  The macro is structured so that I have a main macro that runs a second macro and then runs a third macro all by using the Macro Run command.  Can anyone shed any light on what may be going on?  I can upload some macro code if necessary.  Thanks!

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First thing to do is upgrade to the current version. Currently

Second we're not going to be much help here for you with crashes as this is a user to user forum and you should use ISS's support portal for things like this and report the bug. Despite what might be wrong in your macro, it shouldn't cause a crash. 

Without seeing your code it's hard to guess. What you should do is to first walk through it and see where it happens exactly with the debugger. Also try defeating the different macros at different levels. Bottom up I would suggest. Isolation troubleshooting. Also take a look at your variable scope. Or start from scratch in a simplified way, testing at each step, until you find where it goes wrong. Otherwise it's like telling us "My car won't start. What could it be?". Well it could be many things with so little diagnostic information like whether the headlights are bright. 

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