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STrange Behavior I cannot figure out....

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I run a macro every morning that triggers a batch file and logs to a log.  I recently added a check in the macro that looks for the file it expects before it runs the batch file so that the batch does not run if the file does not exist.


Here are the log entries (the bold redish brown text is me adding the file that shows it was there).  I also created a simple macro that simply looks for the file with full file name and with wild card and both worked in my test macro YET I consistent get the error file does not exist.  Before you ask I manually put that file there so FOR SURE it was there @ 7:15am.


5/18/2023 7:15:05 AM Starting JIRA Update Macro
5/18/2023 7:15:05 AM JIRA '\\nw\data\737_Systems\Integration\23 737MAX\55_Requirements\JIRA_Automated\RAW\JIRA_export_05-18*.xlsx' does not exist!!
                                                   '\\nw\data\737_Systems\Integration\23 737MAX\55_Requirements\JIRA_Automated\RAW\JIRA_export_05-18-05-55-00_734.xlsx
5/18/2023 7:15:05 AM Ending JIRA Update Macro



I am really hoping someone finds something glaringly wrong but I have looked it over and over and cannot find anything; I even re-wrote it a couple times; I am going to have to remove the file existence check because this is NOT the only macro I have where it fails.





JIRAUpdate.mex JIRAUpdateTRIGGER.mex

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