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Unattended Server Running Macros?


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This is what i would like to do:

-use a macro to launch IE and log into a website

-check to see if the login was successfull and report the result


My question is this: Does the server need a user logged into it? I want this macro to run every 10 hours, and sometimes there is no user logged into the machine. I want to put the machine up on a shelf and not worry about it.....I just want to use it for this purpose.


Also, it is company policy that a locking screensaver run on the machien after 15 minutes of inactivity. Will this product still run my macros of no user is logged in, or if there's a user logged in but a locked screensaver running?


One option will be to run the macro with ME as a scheduled task in Windoze. Will it be required to have the desktop displayed in order to execute commands to IE? Thanks for your help!!

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I am running ME on a server which is at a remote location. For ME to work for me as the Admin, I disconnect from the server instead of signing off. The problem I am having with one of my macros is using DOS. The window comes up but somehow looses focus. When i return to see why I have not been sent an email, the title bar is greyed out.


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