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Being a newbie to macro express I am having some minor difficulty with a folder and subfolder creation.


I want to have a macro to create a variable named folder (I would like this to pause for a name input but I haven't accomplished that task yet) followed by 5 static named folders. Seems pretty simple but can't seem to make it start from the relative location I have opened in explorer without having to name a drive letter in the macro. If I name the drive letter in the path it works ok. So in short;


1. How to make the folder macro work from the highlighted drive or folder?


2. How to pause for input of a folder name, create the folder, and add the 5 others underneath this?

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Welcome Lon!


Use the Change Directory/Folder command first. This will position you into your target folder.

Change Directory/Folder: "c:\temp"
Create Folder: "TestFolder"

Use the Prompt for Value command within the Variable Set String dialog to store a folder name to a variable. The variable can then be used in place of a literal value. For example:

Change Directory/Folder: "c:\temp"
Variable Set String %T1% from Prompt
Create Folder: "%T1%"

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