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If Variable Contains 6 Or 7 Digits Or Letters


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I have to copy a field that can be 6 or 7 digits/letters

The progam I copy from is a mainframe system.


Therefore I do it this way:


I go to the start of the field and copy the first 6 marks into T2.

(T2 will always contain 6 numbers or letters).

Then I go back to start of field and copy 7 digits into T3.

(T3 will sometimes contain 7 numbers/letters and other times 6 and a space).


later in my macro I have to paste T2 or T3 out in another program.


But how do I made the right IF statement??


There is one where I can compare value or variable.

But how do I tell the "IF" that if T3 contains 7 marks than paste T3 and if T3 contains 6 marks and a blank, then paste T2.




The mainframe system is stupid....

So I have to go to the start of the field and hold shift and press arrow right 6 or seven times. Then i make ctrl+c.

If the 7 mark is blank, and I then paste it out in my other program, the other program sees it as a mark.

So therefore I have made this T2 and T3 solution :-))

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