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Feasable To Sync Macros Across Multiple Computers?


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Forgive me if this is not enough detail. I will try to describe my needs as well as possible. If macro express is not capable of this behavior, I'd appreciate any pointers you could give.



I have several problems to overcome.


#1. I need to use Macro Express in conjuntion with OCR. Now, I believe that with tesseract or kleptomania, I can handle the OCR part of the problem (cut and paste to a text file, perhaps). However, I need Macro Express to read this text file and react differently based on whether or not this text matches my parameters.


#2. I need a system whereby I can two seperate computers connected via LAN, each having their own set of macros. The catch (for me, at least) is that I don't know how to get Computer1's macro A to trigger Computer2's macro B. Communication would go both directions. Computer1 acting, cueing Computer 2, Computer2 acting and then cueing Computer1 to resume.


#3. Provided the above works, Computer1 will open 4 program windows. Seeing as how OCR is involved, I need to make sure that these windows are tiled across the desktop and not stacked. Program windows will be closing at times. I cannot simply tile them with hardcoded desktop coordinates. I must be able to detect where windows are currently located and place new program windows in the empty desktop space.


Basic process:

1. Computer 1 initiates macro1 to open program windows.

2. Computer 1 uses OCR(kleptomania) to grab non-copy/paste-able text.

3. Computer1 compares this text to parameters and either

a. Triggers Computer 2 when parameters match and stops.

b. continues macro1

4. If Computer2's macro is triggered,performs its actions and communicates to Computer1 that the action has been completed.


I'd appreciate any advice or help on the matter.

Thank You.

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One of our clients has a Macro Express server setup that he calls a "watchdog". It constantly polls, or watches, for messages from any one of several workstations that are also running Macro Express. These messages are in the form of a simple file or or file name written to a folder that both the server and workstations have access to. Depending on the file name it sees, or what is actually in a particular file, the macro server fires off a macro to do whatever it was set up to do. When done, the macro server writes a file back to the folder where a workstation macro that was waiting sees it. Once it sees it, the workstation continues on its merry way.


This sounds like what you want to do.

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