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Settings And Macro Files Location?


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You can back up your macros by clicking on File, selecting Export and then Export Macros. You will see a list of all of your macros. You can either highlight the ones you wish to export by clicking on them, or pressing the Select All button. Once you have selected the macros that you wish to back up, press the Save button. You can then save the macro file to location of your choosing. To load the macros back in, you can either select File|Import|Import Macros and then browse to the saved location, or you can click on File|Open Macro File. If you do this, you will need to move the macro file from the floppy to your hard drive.


To save the settings. Click on Tools and select Export Configuration. You will then be able to set the location that you wish to save it to. To import the settings, click on Tools and select Import Configuration.

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Your question covers two different needs:


1) Backing up your macros. There are at least 3 ways to do this:

  • Use the built-in backup feature.
  • Copy the macro library (.mex) yourself.
  • Do as Jason suggests (export and import).

2) Backing up your preference settings. These reside in your Windows Registry. The best way to do what you want is Jason's suggestion: Click on Tools and select Export Configuration.


If I export macros, does it save the categories I organized them in, as well?

No. An exported macro is just a text file.

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No, most other programs store the preferences in the Registry as Microsoft suggests. It is forbidden to store the preferences in files in the same folder where the program files are installed. Many user logins prevent a user modifying settings in the Program Files folders.

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