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Me Typing Out <ctld>2<ctlu> Rather Than


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Hi, I have a macro that contains a section




In the applicaction this is invoked from, CTRL-2 takes the cursor to a particular edit field in a particular pane.


When I invoke the macro, instead of typing CTRL-2 to change the focus the macro types "<CTRLD>2<CTRLU>" into the currently focused edit-box :huh: . (If I manually hit CTRL-2 from this same edit box, without using the macro, it shifts focus properly).


I'm using MacroExpress


Why does it do this, and how can I make it stop?


(I had a similar proplem in an earlier section of the macro, which was solved by deleting and retyping the commands :blink: That didn't work here.)


Thanks! B)

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Hello Linda!


The code doesn't look correct.


It looks like, for whatever reason, there is an extra separator character (""). The command should look like this as viewed from the Direct Editor:


Which would answer why it works okay after reentering the command. You could have also used the simpler form of:


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Weird- I've just been using the scripting editor- not editing directly in the Direct Editor- what would cause the command to be corrupted internally like that? :huh: It seems to be happening a lot today- a lot of odd bugs that sometimes go away when I re-type the commands.



You could have also used the simpler form of:

We've found with the software we're using that this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't-- so I've been doing the up-downs just to be safe.

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