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I am trying to write a very simple macro to open up a word document from a word template. I can do a program launch on the ".dot" file, but it opens the template file instead of using the template to open a ".doc". When I double click on the word template, it opens up the way I expect. How do I replicate this in ME?


Thanks in Advance.

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Hello K_H!


It sounds like you are wanting to create, or open, a .doc document and have it based on a particular .dot template. Clicking on the Word template (as you say) does this. But of course Word is already launched with the normal.dot template. Here is a link to an earlier topic that covered how to use Macro Express to launch Word along with a specified .dot template.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks, Joe for this good parameter, which I had to modify just a little bit, as my fax and letter templates path have been changed in Word|Options to

D:\Templates (to allow a format c:\ and new install of XP without loosing my templates).


<LAUNCHNO3:0:0112Microsoft Word<LAUNCH:C:\Programs\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE<PARAM>"/td:\Templates\1Fax.dot"><REM2:Faxemlate 1Fax.dot (with company-logo)><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Dokument><MSD:60><LCLK>

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